The Triplets

Because these three were barely mentioned, they’re all going on one page. Also, files are only in .sim form. If you want one with CC, then I will upload them. Just ask here.

Pearl Derpington


.sim (no cc)

Traits: Frugal, Heavy Sleeper, Hot-Headed, Insane, Loves the Outdoors
LTW: Master of Mysticism
Favorites: Ceviche, Egyptian, Purple
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Other: Imaginary Friend

Puff Derpington


.sim (no cc)

Traits: Absent-Minded, Angler, Insane, Light Sleeper, Unlucky
LTW: ???
Favorites: Stir-Fry, Chinese, Orange
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Other: Imaginary Friend

Eugene Derpington


.sim (no cc)

Traits: Brave, Can’t Stand Art, Eccentric, Insane, Irresistible
LTW: ???
FavoritesSpaghetti with Veggie Sauce, Roots, Sea Foam
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Other: Imaginary Friend

4 Responses to The Triplets

  1. Marzia says:

    I know I am the one that comments the most about CC, but, what is Puff’s hair? Is it from the store? Can I have the name/link? (I think I found it on the store but I think it was child only[?])

  2. Marzia says:

    I tried finding Puff’s hair, but I couldn’t find it anywhere!

    • Reggie says:

      I’ll just upload a cc version of her at some point. I haven’t been on my computer in a long time, much less played the sims… I’m only now installing Island Paradise. I think the hair is one of the hidden messy ones from Ambitions again.

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