This is the archive of all chapters of H&D! Chapters are organized by generation.

Herp DerpingtonGeneration 0 – Herp Derpington

Chapter 0.0I’m Ugly and I’m Proud
Chapter 0.1There Once Was an Ugly Barnacle…
Chapter 0.2I Wumbo, You Wumbo… 
Chapter 0.3Leedle Leedle Leedle Lee
Chapter 0.4 –  Oh, East? I thought you said Weast!
Chapter 0.5 –  Educational Television?! OH NO!!!
Chapter 0.6Liar Liar, Plants for Hire
Chapter 0.7Imagination!

Generation 1 – Leedle Derpington

Chapter 1.0The Nerve of that Guy and His Driving Eyeballs!
Chapter 1.1 –  The Smelly Smell that Smells Smelly
Chapter 1.2 We’re Mermaids.
Chapter 1.3 –  Let’s Get Naked!
Chapter 1.4 Who You Callin’ Pinhead?
Chapter 1.5Oh Tartar Sauce
Chapter 1.6 –  1% evil, 99% hot gas
Chapter 1.7 As much as a love cruel, sick jokes…


Generation 2 – Dutchman Derpington

Chapter 2.0I Know of a Place Where you Never Get Harmed…
Chapter 2.1 A Magical Place, With Magical Charm…
Chapter 2.2 Indoors, Indoors, INDOOOOOOORS
Chapter 2.3 Nematodes are people too!
Chapter 2.4Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?
Chapter 2.5 That’s His Eager Face…
Chapter 2.6 He was # 1!
Chapter 2.7Fancy Livin’
Chapter 2.8 – Your Genius is Showing!
Chapter 2.9Chum is Fum
Chapter 2.10Booster Seat?! Hot Dog!
Chapter 2.11 Ching! Sparkle Sparkle
Chapter 2.12All That Glitters…
Chapter 2.13His Chops Are Too Righteous!
Chapter 2.14Stop! I Wish To Rule You!
Chapter 2.15Never Trust a Genie


Generation 3 – Sheldon Derpington

Chapter 3.0Finland!
Chapter 3.1 Mermaid Magic
Chapter 3.2 You Used Me… For Land Development!
Chapter 3.3Alien Hunting! Alien Hunting!
Chapter 3.4Hiii Kevin…
Chapter 3.5I Knows.
Chapter 3.6 Next, I suppose you’ll want me to go square-dancing

05-06-18_1-22-57 PM

Generation 4 – Kevin Derpington

Chapter 4.0I’m Ready, I’m Ready…
Chapter 4.1Why Didn’t You Just Write Your Essay?!?!
Chapter 4.2 – Coming Soon!!!