Chip Derpington


Traits: Absent-Minded, Ambitious, Athletic, Loner, No Sense of Humor
LTW: International Super Spy
Favorites: Classical, Ratatouille, Irish Green
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Immediate Relationships: Son of Leedle and Hesper; Grandson of Herp and Dina; Twin brother of Penny; Brother of Dutchman, Used Napkin, and Goober
Achievements: Raised three younger siblings with the help of his sister after the death of all adults in the household; second gay sim in the legacy; part of a set of gay, mixed-gendered twins (interestingly enough), first sim in the family to max the athletic skill.
Bio: Chip tried his best to raise his 3 younger siblings, but it often meant he didn’t have time to socialize… although his loner and no sense of humor traits effectively prevented him from socializing anyway. Chip loved working out more than talking to other people, and maxed his athletic skill just before he moved out of the main house. After he moved out, Chip didn’t really do much. He dated a few women (? yeah, I don’t know what was up with that either), and threw a few lame parties who only Cuddles was invited to. Nobody’s quite sure what he’s doing, although it probably involves working out a lot, climbing the ranks of the local law enforcement branch, and boring somebody to death from time to time.


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