Chapter 4.1

05-06-18_9-00-53 PM

Welcome back to another fun filled chapter of Herping and Derping! When we last left off, Kevin had accomplished a metric fuck ton and Generation 5 had been born! Let’s see what everyone is up to…

05-06-18_8-36-11 PM

Yumiko has been gardening like a fiend. She’s maxed her gardening skill and evolved her excellent plants! Now all she needs to do is grow that cowplant…

05-06-18_8-48-12 PM

And baby Kevin is now a toddler!

05-06-18_8-48-18 PM

He seems perturbed.

05-06-18_8-50-26 PM

Much happier now that he’s been fed and watered. Just like a plant, eh Yumiko?

05-06-18_8-50-30 PM

05-06-18_8-50-36 PM

He’s cute for now, but we don’t know what he’ll look like grown up you’ll see later this chapter.

05-06-18_8-56-12 PM

Patrick: Rawr!!!

05-06-18_8-56-21 PM

Kevin: I don’t know what to do with this grumpy toddler lmao.

05-06-18_8-56-26 PM

That is the most unamused look I have ever seen. Will he be taking after his father with that grumpy trait? Right now, he’s just inquisitive.

05-06-18_8-58-50 PM

Kevin: Once upon a time, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that-
Kevin, we’ve already used that joke.
Kevin: Throw me a bone, it’s been like six years!

05-06-18_8-59-06 PM

Umm, Kevin, I think he’s escaping.

05-06-18_9-00-48 PM

Meanwhile, Yumiko was having issues with the dryer. We keep forgetting to clean the lint trap. We being me. Oops.

05-06-18_9-00-53 PM

Yumiko: Oops?! I could have died!

05-06-18_9-01-13 PM


05-06-18_9-01-17 PM

You’re great help, Yumiko!

05-06-18_9-01-28 PM

05-06-18_9-01-34 PM

Luckily, Kevin knew what to do.

05-07-18_8-48-02 PM

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you robots at prom! Brought to you by the robot mod!

05-08-18_5-40-12 PM

Back to business…
Kevin: Life with kids is hard!

05-08-18_5-40-17 PM

Kevin: So hard I’m clipping through my hair!

05-08-18_5-40-25 PM

Patrick is once again, unimpressed.

05-08-18_5-40-39 PM

And Yumiko has been neglected, which means…

05-08-18_5-40-51 PM

Yeah she pissed herself. XD Also, she’s pregnant again.

05-08-18_5-41-15 PM

This house is in shambles, I am a bad sim God.

05-08-18_5-41-20 PM

05-08-18_5-41-31 PM

Don’t you fall asleep too Kevin!

05-08-18_5-41-42 PM

Kevin: I’m not, I’m just trying to eat my sparkly food in peace while I still can.

05-08-18_5-42-37 PM


05-08-18_5-43-20 PM

Umm… Kevin?

05-08-18_5-43-27 PM

05-08-18_5-43-34 PM

He seems unaware of the problem here…

05-08-18_5-43-40 PM

And now we’ve got teleporting toddlers. Fantastic.

05-08-18_5-43-51 PM

And now he’s back over here! What is going on lmao XD XD XD

05-08-18_6-00-00 PM

It’s go time for baby 2!

05-08-18_6-00-04 PM

What’ll it be?

05-08-18_6-00-19 PM

Kevin’s answer is that it”ll be horrifying.

05-08-18_6-00-51 PM

And it’s a girl! Meet Sandy Derpington!

05-08-18_6-03-34 PM

And once again the toddler has been negelcted.

05-08-18_6-04-22 PM

Patrick: You forgot my birthday.
Yeah sorry.

05-08-18_6-07-20 PM

He’s a cutie, anyway. He inherited his father’s gloomy trait.

05-08-18_6-20-19 PM

Here’s the little emo’s bedroom.

05-08-18_6-20-25 PM

He got the skeleton bear because you know… #edgy.

05-08-18_6-21-21 PM

He’s got the creativity aspiration so we’re going to be hearing a lot of bad violin playing around these parts.

05-08-18_6-21-28 PM

05-08-18_6-49-12 PM

Meanwhile, Angelic Sandy is a little grumpy head.

05-08-18_6-49-16 PM

She’s a good toddler, and she’s maxed every skill but one, which she got a four in.

05-08-18_6-53-23 PM

She’s a bit neglected because everybody is running around like a crazy person with all these kids!

05-08-18_9-40-43 AM

Kevin’s taken up handiness to help with his stress levels. He’s got big plans…

05-08-18_10-00-17 AM

Kevin: Is Yumiko dancing poorly behind me?

05-08-18_10-00-32 AM


05-08-18_10-01-11 AM

Kevin: Yep, that’s bad.

05-08-18_10-31-52 PM

Patrick: I love you Skelly bear!
Say it with me… d’awwwww.

05-08-18_10-43-51 PM

What has Kevin been building…?

05-08-18_10-51-50 PM

Servo Derpington, the butler! He’s not playable, but he does live at the house. And does some wacky things.

05-08-18_10-52-38 PM

Yumiko: Did my husband build a robot?
Yep he sure did.

05-08-18_11-01-46 PM

05-08-18_11-01-53 PM

Kevin doesn’t look happy for a guy who just maxed his career!

05-08-18_11-08-36 PM

Yeah, you get it Servo.

05-08-18_11-08-41 PM

Kevin: Goddamn robot doing knife tricks, making me look bad *grumble*
You built him, Kevin.

05-08-18_11-09-00 PM

Kevin: Doesn’t mean I have to like him.

05-08-18_11-14-36 PM

Yumiko seems happy. I have no freaking idea why lmao, this house is a mess.

05-08-18_11-19-04 PM

The robot barely ever works, all he does is read. He’s not even a bookworm. XD


Look who grew up, btw! Sandy is an Art Lover.

05-09-18_11-16-39 AM

05-09-18_11-16-56 AM

She’s pretty cute, I haven’t quite decided who will be heir yet.

05-09-18_11-27-07 AM

Her’es her room.

05-09-18_11-31-30 AM

Ah, a family meal. This is a rare occasion in the Derpington household, their sleep schedules are so screwed up. 05-09-18_11-34-42 AM

Sandy is a Social Butterfly, so she went out to find a bestie. I don’t remember this little girl’s name but she’s her bestie now!

05-09-18_11-37-41 AM

05-09-18_11-40-14 AM

She stayed out a little too long… this is becoming a theme.

05-09-18_11-44-19 AM

Kevin’s finally having a birthday!

05-09-18_11-44-22 AM

05-09-18_11-44-31 AM

Kevin: hey, my back went out. :/

05-09-18_11-48-12 AM

A day in the life.

05-09-18_11-51-19 AM

05-09-18_11-54-57 AM

This is their only friend. XD05-09-18_11-57-32 AM

What are you up to, Yumiko?
Yumiko: You’ll see…

05-09-18_11-59-55 AM

Hmm, who’s that?

05-09-18_12-00-04 PM


05-09-18_12-00-19 PM


05-09-18_12-00-52 PM

Yumiko: We’ll take her.
Everyone, meet Nika Derpington!

05-09-18_12-01-01 PM

05-09-18_12-01-05 PM

She is so precious I could die.

05-09-18_12-01-51 PM

Ahhhhh Nika!

05-09-18_12-02-27 PM

05-09-18_12-02-34 PM

She likes to follow her owners around, looking for someone to play with.

05-09-18_12-04-10 PM

And she found Patrick!

05-09-18_12-04-31 PM

Patrick: Hi Nika…

05-09-18_12-04-35 PM

Patrick: Who’s a good girl?! It’s you!!!

05-09-18_12-04-57 PM

They’re already besties.

05-09-18_12-05-01 PM

Patrick: My puppy. 😀

05-09-18_12-05-42 PM

She is so little!!!

05-09-18_12-07-08 PM

Adorable. so adorable.

05-09-18_12-07-16 PM

05-09-18_5-58-20 PM

Sandy: Seriously, he gets the puppy?
Well, you get whatever her name is.

05-10-18_8-28-57 AM

Okay, in all seriousness though, they’re actually really close. They play together all the time.

05-10-18_8-29-05 AM

05-10-18_8-29-11 AM

05-10-18_8-29-14 AM

05-10-18_8-29-19 AM


05-10-18_8-36-44 AM

Dance party! Kevin seems distracted.
Kevin: It’s that damn robot, he isn’t working!
Just dance and be happy, Kevin.

05-10-18_8-36-51 AM

Kevin: Fine…

05-10-18_8-36-57 AM

Patrick is blissfully unaware, still over the moon about Nika.

05-10-18_8-37-37 AM

Also, it’s his birthday today!

05-10-18_8-37-41 AM

Kevin: Woooo, birthday!

05-10-18_8-42-17 AM

Smh he has no nose. XD

05-10-18_8-47-04 AM

Umm… He’s not bad. But not like a model, either.
Patrick: I heard that.
Also, he’s now a Bookworm and wants to be Public Enemy. Woo?

05-10-18_8-47-14 AM

Yumiko: Great, my son is a deviant.

05-12-18_10-48-08 AM


05-12-18_10-49-34 AM

She had a birthday too!

05-12-18_10-49-39 AM

Awww, she’s so cute.

05-12-18_10-49-43 AM

05-12-18_10-49-48 AM

05-12-18_10-52-25 AM

Nika spam incoming.

05-12-18_10-54-56 AM

05-12-18_10-55-06 AM

05-12-18_10-55-11 AM

I am such a dog person lmao.

05-12-18_11-02-49 AM

We’re getting a jumpstart on that aspiration. He did successfully complete his childhood aspiration, btw.

05-12-18_11-02-53 AM

Patrick: I’m a jerk and everyone loves me
That’s not how it works, sweaty. 🙂 I spelled it that way on purpose I promise.

05-12-18_11-06-21 AM

Nika loves her pack it’s adorable.

05-12-18_11-07-18 AM

And she loves her Patrick.

05-12-18_11-07-22 AM

And he loves her. 😀

05-12-18_11-09-26 AM

Nika: What is that mysterious thing back there?

05-12-18_11-09-37 AM

Nika: Nevermind, it was just me!

05-12-18_11-39-15 AM

This… doesn’t seem okay… but okay…

05-12-18_11-41-55 AM

Oh, Nika… she’s a glutton and falls asleep by her food bowl quite often.

05-12-18_11-52-19 AM

We upgraded the kitchen and…

05-12-18_11-53-15 AM

Kevin: Did somebody say…

05-12-18_11-53-27 AM

Kevin: …Ice cream?

And that’s where I’ll leave you all for today. Who will be the heir? What is Kevin’s favorite flavor of ice cream? Will Servo short out? Is Nika not adorable? Find out these answers and more in the next chapter of Herping and Derping, coming soon to a blog near you… this one.

Happy simming everybody!

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