Herping and Derping is a legacy that follows the descendants of Herp Derpington, a poor fellow who is rather lacking in the looks department. The legacy begins in the fine neighborhood of Legacy Island, which can be downloaded from the Sims 3 exchange here. It is in Legacy Island that Herp encounters many familiar faces, including Mortimer Goth, Alexander Goth, Brandi Broke, and Darren Dreamer.

H&D was created after I got my spiffy new laptop that was finally able to handle The Sims 3 (or, rather, handle TS3 the way I wanted to play. My previous laptop could handle it, but it loaded up very slow and had many graphical errors). This new laptop enabled me to download custom content, install all of the expansion and stuff packs, and lead to little lag of the game while still being able to play on the highest graphics settings.
I wanted to come up with some kind of challenge to do, but I didn’t want to do a traditional legacy. Because I like challenges that deal with genetics and I enjoy looking at the progression of Sims down the generations, but because I wanted something to look forward to (pretty sims, in this case), I decided on a Prettacy, after I was inspired by Heroes and Villains, a Dual Prettacy/Uglacy by StyxLady. I wanted something simple and without any predefined plot, because I’ve done that before and gotten overwhelmed. I decided on a commentary legacy.

And so, Herping and Derping was born. Herp Derpington was named after the famous (infamous? lol) rage memes commonly seen on Reddit (and also, more recently, Tumblr). I stuck him in Legacy Island after finding out about it from StyxLady’s blog, because it seemed an ideal neighborhood for a legacy family. I decided on WordPress as my host because I’d heard good things about it, and I was fed up with Livejournal. “Derp” sort of just happened naturally. And the kids got a Spongebob theme because I always intended to name the first child Wumbo, and people seemed to like a Spongebob theme.

That’s basically all of the background information about this legacy that exists. To end things, I’ll say to you, reader, that I’m very happy you found this blog, and so happy I’m able to be your host throughout this legacy. 🙂 Enjoy the story.