What are you doing, Herp?
Herp: Welcoming the readers to my Prettacy, of course!

Well, if Herp is going to do it, I might as well too. Welcome to Herping and Derping! Whether you’ve found this page because you went looking for it, or you’re here because of some bizarre sequence of events that’s left you scratching your head looking at this face, you’ve discovered Herping and Derping! And Herp and I sincerely hope that you stick around.

Herp: Seriously, please stay! I don’t have many friends!
It’s probably your porn-star mustache coupled with that uni-brow…

To start from the beginning, click here. If you’ve left off somewhere in the middle, I would suggest browsing the chapter archives here.

Sometimes stuff comes up and I can’t update for a while, or, I might be having an heir poll! Check out my announcements here, and my heir polls here.

If you’re looking for profiles of Herp and all of his descendents, organized by generation, the headings labeled Generation 0, 1, etc. located underneath the banner will be of use to you. Alternatively, go can get to an heir’s profile directly by clicking on their picture to the right of this screen. You might also be interested in looking at the Derpington family tree.

If you want to know what kind of custom content I’m using in my game, and where it came from, check out my resources page. Just realize that it might not be 100% current!
Alternatively, you can as me where I got something from, or anything really that isn’t covered on this blog, anywhere you want, just be sure to check out my FAQ page first! I may have already answered your question, and that way, you won’t have to wait on me to get back to you.

All that being said, I geniunely hope you enjoy Herping and Derping. I know I do.


Latest Info:

We are currently in Generation 4 of the Prettacy. We are on the second chapter of Generation 4! In the game itself, we are in Generation 4 of the Prettacy. The latest Generation to be born is Generation 5.

Herping and Derping is off of hiatus, as of May 2018! We have moved to The Sims 4!