Leedle Derpington


Traits: Athletic, Loner, Genius, Evil, Dislikes Children
LTW: The Zoologist (collect 20 small animals) – COMPLETED
Favorites: Egyptian, Frogs Legs, Black
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Immediate Relationships: Son of Herp and Dina; Brother of Wumbo and Weast; Middle child of Generation One; Husband of Hesper; Father of Penny, Chip, Used Napkin, Dutchman, and Goober
Achievements: Fathered two sets of twins, fathered three children after death, first legacy death, first completed LTW in the legacy
Bio: Leedle Derpington was a strange character born into an equally strange family. He fell in love with his imaginary friend after turning her real, and his best friend was a cockatoo named Stu. Despite all of his quirks, he was still chosen as the first heir of the family, due to his good looks… or, rather, his looks that while not good were still better than his sisters.
In adulthood, he was known for cackling evilly at the sky and stealing candy from his own children. Still, he was a great father, despite his dislikes children trait. Interestingly enough, he had more children than either of his siblings did in spite of his traits. He didn’t get much of a chance to know his children however, because his life was tragically cut short due to a freak pool accident. Amazingly enough, he still managed to father three of his children after his death, including one who was born dead, Dutchman. He is known to still haunt the family quite frequently.


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