Chapter 4.0

05-06-18_10-54-10 AM copy

Welcome back to Herping and Derping! When we last left off, well… it was years and years ago, and we were playing Sims 3. Now… We join Kevin in TS4. Again! Because I lost the last save file. XD

05-06-18_10-53-54 AM

Kevin: This feels familiar…

05-06-18_10-54-04 AM

Kevin: Wait, did you start again? Seriously? I already did this once!

05-06-18_10-54-10 AM

Well, let’s just say I had some technical difficulties. I saved you but… Yeah. So here we are again!
Kevin: I cannot believe you’re going to make me start over twice. In a whole different game.

05-06-18_10-55-41 AM

Believe it, Kevin. Here’s your necessities. Have fun!
Kevin: Wtf.

05-06-18_10-56-09 AM

First things first, Kevin goes job hunting. He joins the writing career!
Kevin: Nobody wants to hear from you.

Untitled picture

If you recall from last time, Kevin is gloomy, a bookworm, and a geek! He wants to be a best selling author, so we’re going to work hard to earn that computer.

05-06-18_10-57-40 AM

Kevin: This is lameeeee. There’s nothing here.
Yeah, that’s because… I cleared out the entire world! There is literally nothing anywhere.
Kevin: Are you serious? How am I supposed to get anything done?
05-06-18_11-06-00 AM

We’re really trying for that computer, so we go fishing.

05-06-18_11-06-40 AM

Kevin: The townies around here are weird looking.
Yeah they generate weird ass accessories. Idk.

05-06-18_11-07-53 AM

He’s not very good at fishing and he’s having one of his gloomy moods, so that kind of means we don’t get to fish any more. So no computer yet.

05-06-18_11-08-00 AM

Kevin: I miss my idiot family. This is really lonely.

05-06-18_11-08-46 AM

I have a solution…

05-06-18_11-10-47 AM

Reggie: Hiiiiii Kevin!

05-06-18_11-10-51 AM

Kevin: It’s your fault, isn’t it? You’re the reason I’m here.

05-06-18_11-11-05 AM

Reggie: Technically you can blame the fact that I still get comments on this for that. That’s why you’re here.

05-06-18_11-11-23 AM

Kevin: You couldn’t just let it die, could you?

05-06-18_11-11-28 AM

Reggie: Let it die? I couldn’t give up on the Derpingtons forever, it was my greatest Sims success.

05-06-18_11-11-35 AM

Reggie: I just… I lost everything, you know? My custom content, my save files… I couldn’t play anymore. But the Sims 4… it actually runs, you know? But I just haven’t been able to get into anything, nothing I can invest in like the Derpingtons… so I brought you here. I’m sorry.

05-06-18_11-11-43 AM

Reggie: Anyway! That’s why you’re here.
Kevin: Are you bipolar?
05-06-18_11-11-49 AM

Reggie: Anyway, Kevin, it’s up to you. You can bring the Derpingtons back.

05-06-18_11-12-00 AM

Reggie: Maybe you can make the Sims 4 exciting for me.

05-06-18_11-12-11 AM

Kevin: That’s a lot of pressure, I mean this game isn’t even that interesting.
Reggie: Yeah, I know.

05-06-18_11-15-49 AM

Reggie: Anyway, off you go! Have fun. I’ll be around, a constant omniscient presence, but don’t let that throw you off.
Kevin: Great.

05-06-18_11-17-40 AM

05-06-18_11-17-50 AM

05-06-18_11-19-39 AM

Kevin… you’re really quite boring.
Kevin: What do you expect? This game sucks. There are hardly any supernatural creatures, you emptied the town so there’s nothing to do…
Yeah that one was my bad.

05-06-18_11-20-10 AM

And so ends the first day…

05-06-18_11-21-10 AM

Kevin: So, I met someone.
That’s awesome! Who?
Kevin: Her name is Yumiko.

05-06-18_11-23-15 AM

Oh… Kevin… I hate to tell you but she’s a teenager. Jail bait right there.
Kevin: She’s my only friend, just throw me this one bone.

05-06-18_11-25-26 AM

He finally did get that computer from a promotion at work.

05-06-18_11-43-49 AM

Yumiko comes over literally every day after Kevin gets home from work. They like to cloudgaze, mostly, and she listens to his story ideas. It would be a great match, if she was just a little older…
Also, can we talk about this family and blue hair? They really freaking like blue hair.

05-06-18_11-43-55 AM

She’s pretty cute so I might let Kevin have this one. As long as he waits until she’s older, no pedobear here.

05-06-18_11-44-13 AM

05-06-18_11-47-43 AM

Kevin’s been working hard, getting promotions. He’s like halfway through the career now.

05-06-18_11-52-03 AM

He’s feeling pretty good about himself these days. Even though he still doesn’t have a house and he’s single.

05-06-18_12-28-50 PM

I did get him a telescope though. Maybe we can have some alien babies? I wish they hadn’t lowered the abduction and pregnancy chance, that was lame EA. :/

05-06-18_12-38-01 PM

Guess who had a glo up!

05-06-18_12-38-25 PM

Kevin: So, I was thinking, bestie… maybe we could split the bills? Would you like to move in?
Yumiko: Don’t call me that again and you’ve got a deal.

05-06-18_1-12-07 PM

First thing she does is start a ridiculously massive garden. Her aspiration? The garden one.
Also, her traits are: Insider, Perfectionist, and Loves the Outdoors.

05-06-18_1-16-21 PM

The first flirt 0.0

05-06-18_1-16-25 PM

And then prompt failure, but some dumb dumb forgot to take pictures. Me, I’m the dumb dumb.

05-06-18_1-16-30 PM

05-06-18_1-18-45 PM

05-06-18_1-18-59 PM

05-06-18_1-19-14 PM

05-06-18_1-19-20 PM

05-06-18_1-19-25 PM

Yumiko: Was that your first kiss?
Kevin: In this lifetime.

05-06-18_1-20-33 PM

Damn they moved fast!

05-06-18_1-20-52 PM

Kevin seems pleased. Yumiko seems indifferent.

05-06-18_1-22-49 PM

I bought Kevin a treadmill because he was starting to let himself go. Run Kevin, run!

05-06-18_1-22-57 PM

Kevin: God this sucks.

05-06-18_1-29-30 PM

They do this literally all the time.

05-06-18_1-34-20 PM

Yumiko really wants that glorious garden, so I indulged her with some skill books.

05-06-18_2-07-27 PM

Also, look who finally has a house!

05-06-18_2-07-56 PM

Reggie: I’m just dropping in to check on them.

05-06-18_2-08-17 PM

Reggie: Yumiko! Hi!
Yumiko: Kevin isn’t home right now.
Reggie: That’s okay, I actually wanted to talk to you.

05-06-18_2-08-41 PM

Reggie: You see… you’re in a legacy. And a legacy requires… babies. So where are the babies?
Yumiko: I think you need to leave now.

05-06-18_2-08-54 PM

Reggie: Just keep it in mind. Or there may be consequences.

05-06-18_2-10-37 PM

Later that day…
Yumiko: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

05-06-18_2-10-54 PM

Yumiko: That damn simself set me on fire!!!!
I didn’t actually have anything to do with it, but go off I guess.

05-06-18_2-10-58 PM

Yumiko, put yourself out!!!

05-06-18_2-11-27 PM

Phew, finally.

05-06-18_2-11-32 PM

05-06-18_2-11-37 PM

We almost lost our spouse. She’s less than happy right now, too. And extra crispy.

05-06-18_2-42-25 PM

Yumiko: So, I’ve been thinking, and you’re right. It’s a good time to have a baby.

05-06-18_2-55-25 PM

05-06-18_2-55-28 PM

05-06-18_2-55-47 PM

Kevin seemed to like that idea.
Unfortunately, getting pregnant would not be a simple task.

05-06-18_3-03-13 PM

Kevin: I don’t feel that good.
Kevin, bringing home cooties from work since 2018.

05-06-18_3-05-57 PM

That night, he took Yumiko out to the garden…

05-06-18_3-06-20 PM

Kevin: Yumiko, this may not be the best place while my genitals are getting poked by sage but…

05-06-18_3-06-26 PM

kevin: Will you marry me?

05-06-18_3-06-30 PM

Yumiko: Stand up idiot and I will!

05-06-18_3-06-38 PM

Kevin: Phew, that’s a relief. I was starting to break out.

05-06-18_3-06-42 PM

05-06-18_3-06-55 PM

They’re very happy, obviously.

05-06-18_3-09-18 PM

Kevin, doe sthi smean…?

05-06-18_3-09-23 PM

Kevin: I finished my aspiration!
That. Was. Fast.

05-06-18_3-17-45 PM

And to celebrate…

05-06-18_3-17-57 PM

05-06-18_3-18-03 PM

05-06-18_3-18-06 PM

05-06-18_3-18-15 PM

05-06-18_3-18-26 PM

05-06-18_3-18-54 PM

05-06-18_3-19-03 PM

05-06-18_3-19-09 PM

05-06-18_3-19-33 PM

Will we get one this time?
(It took like 4 tries…)

05-06-18_3-21-28 PM

They’re so derpy, good lord.

05-06-18_3-21-33 PM

Talk about being in a good mood. I don’t think I’ve seen Kevin this happy in this game so far.

05-06-18_3-21-53 PM

05-06-18_3-22-00 PM


05-06-18_3-22-11 PM

Yumiko: Kevin…

05-06-18_3-22-16 PM

Yumiko: I took the test and….

05-06-18_3-22-21 PM

Yumiko: I’m pregnant!

05-06-18_3-22-28 PM

Kevin: That’s ahhhh…. great! Yeah, great. Heh.
I don’t know why he’s upset, his new aspiration is super parent.

05-06-18_3-26-45 PM

A quick little nursery made up.

05-06-18_3-28-47 PM

He’s studying parenting, trying to get a jump on that aspiration tho.

05-06-18_3-31-38 PM

Whoops, forgot about Yumiko…

05-06-18_3-31-45 PM

05-06-18_3-31-49 PM

Yumiko: I hate you.
Yeah, I know.

05-06-18_3-38-41 PM


05-06-18_3-45-58 PM

Bigger bump!
Nothing was happening lmao.

05-06-18_3-53-03 PM

ANNNNNNND toilet labor.
Yumiko: I really hate you.

05-06-18_3-53-09 PM

05-06-18_3-53-12 PM

Don’t worry, I sent her to the bassinet quickly. I’m not that cruel of a god.

05-06-18_3-53-36 PM

05-06-18_3-53-56 PM

And it’s a boy! Meet Patrick Derpington, everyone, the first member of generation 5!

05-06-18_3-54-08 PM

Despite all of her hatred towards me she’s a good mother.05-06-18_3-55-12 PM

05-06-18_3-55-16 PM

And Kevin is a good father! He loves Patrick, and can’t wait until he’s a toddler. Me, on the other hand, I am not looking forward to that at all. Toddlers are a pain in the ass. So yeah. That’s where we’re at.

Hopefully things will be more exciting next time, folks, I’ll try to add some fun mods in. Until next time, enjoy yourselves and happy simming!

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I'm 25 years old, and an avid simmer and writer. I don't always have a lot of free time, as I'm currently in school studying to become a marriage and family therapist, and I try to make time for my hobbies. I love science and science fiction, and one of my current projects is making amigurumi! :)
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2 Responses to Chapter 4.0

  1. Jenn says:

    Yay, Patrick. Welcome to the family!
    Sims 4 toddlers are amazing. I love them.
    Yumi is a fun sim, I tend to like her older sister better though. It’s super great to see Kevin again, even if he is less than enthusiastic about it.

    • Reggie says:

      Yumiko is actually just a random townie, she generated. I think I know who you’re talking about, though.
      I have some plans on how to make this legacy interesting, mostly with mods. But it should be a good time!

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