Goober Derpington


Traits: Artistic, Genius, Handy, Inappropriate, Rebellious
LTW: Visionary
Favorites: French, Stu Surprise, Purple
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Immediate Relationships: Daughter of Leedle and Hesper; Granddaughter of Herp and Dina; Sister of Penny, Chip, Used Napkin, and Dutchman; Wife of Lysk; Mother of Patty
Achievements: Probably helped to drive her mother to suicide, glitched so many times and so terribly the family had to move to a new neighborhood, was generally gorgeous and the only one of Generation 2 who was not an exact clone of one of her parents, spare who lived in the legacy house until her death
Bio: Goober was Hesper’s last born daughter, and her mother had died before she could even remember her. She moved along with the family from Lunar Lakes to Bridgeport, where she met the vampire Lysk Amino and fell for him. The two had a daughter together, Patty Derpington. After the family moved to Moonlight Falls while Patty was still a toddler, Goober met an unfortunate end at the hands of the philosopher’s stone – thus leaving her daughter motherless as a toddler as was the case with Hesper and Goober. Her solid gold body was placed in the family cemetery pond so that she could be forever immortalized.


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