Used Napkin Derpington


Traits: Disciplined, Eco-Friendly, Equestrian, Heavy Sleeper, No Sense of Humor
LTW: Become a Creature-Robot Crossbreeder
Favorites: Soul, Pancakes, Blue
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Immediate Relationships: Daughter of Leedle and Hesper; Granddaughter of Herp and Dina; Twin sister of Dutchman; Sister of Penny, Chip, and Goober; Wife of Rags; Mother of Fred
Achievements: …Well, she’s super cute. That has to count for something!
Bio: Used Napkin was born alive; an interesting thing, but only since her twin sister was born dead. Both were born with the imaginary friend gene as well. Used Napkin devoted much of her life to sleeping and being in her twin sister’s shadow (I mean, it’s hard to compete with a ghost baby after all). She still got her happy ending in the end, though; she married her BFF, who was also her imaginary friend! She moved out of the house right after her adult birthday, and continued a lovey-dovey relationship with her spouse, as evidenced by all of the posts Story Progression throws us regarding them.


2 Responses to Used Napkin Derpington

  1. Marzia says:

    Where can I get her glasses?

  2. アバクロ 半袖シャツ

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