Lysk Amino


NOTE: In Lysk’s download, he is NOT a vampire.

Traits: Adventurous, Clumsy, Good, Hopeless Romantic, Shy
LTW: Become an Astronaut
Favorites: Classical, Cheesesteak, Red
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Immediate Relationships: Husband of Goober; Father of Patty
Achievements: First vampire of the family, gives off that broody vampire vibe that silly tweens find attractive
Bio: Lysk always worried that he wasn’t good enough for Goober and that she would grow bored with him and leave. He was a good guy, but very doubting of himself and he could be quite whiny. After Goober died shortly after the family’s move to Moonlight Falls, Lysk did not know what to do with himself. He found Dutchman’s company to be very soothing to his aching heart, and began to fall for her, but realized how problematic this was due to her marital status. Tina Godwin the genie granted his wish for her to requite his love, but despite the magic, Dutchman never became involved with Lysk and stayed with her husband Cuddles. Regretting his decision and feeling tremendous guilt, Lysk locked himself in the cemetery one night where he was joined by Goober’s ghost. The two spent the night watching the stars, and Lysk stayed there even after the sun went up. He eventually died from the sunlight.


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