Rags Derpington


Traits: Animal Lover, Friendly, Hates the Outdoors, Heavy Sleeper, Never Nude
LTW: Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder
Favorites: Pop, Spaghetti, Blue
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Immediate Relationships: Imaginary Friend of Used Napkin; Husband of Used Napkin; Father of Fred
Achievements: Was like the third or fourth sim in the same generation to roll the max the science career want, had an ironic pairing with Used Napkin due to the implications of their names
Bio: Rags was the imaginary friend of Used Napkin that was turned real when she became a teenager. He always had feelings for her, but for a while he was friend-zoned until he made his move. After that, the two were inseparable and became married. For the rest of their lives, funny pop-ups appeared courtesy of Story Progression detailing how lovey-dovey they still were.


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