Weast Derpington


Traits: Insane, Brave, Angler, Couch Potato, Loves the Outdoors
LTW: The Animal Rescuer
Favorites: Classical, Key Lime Pie, Orange
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Immediate Relationships: Daughter of Herp and Dina, Sister of Wumbo and Leedle, Youngest of Generation One
Achievements: Neglected youngest child of Generation 1, first sim born into the family that had a mix of genetics and wasn’t just a clone of one of her parents, one of the most boring sims under Story Progression due to becoming a food vendor after moving out, the first insane sim I’ve ever played
Bio: Weast was one of the more interesting members of the first generation, due to her insanity. She was out of the limelight much of the time, even though she probably would have been the heir of her generation had her older brother not been born so attractive. She was known for glitching up quite a bit, including getting a bowl of macaroni stuck to her hand. After she moved out, she lived with her boyfriend Orlando Watt for quite a while, and got a job as a food vendor which kept her very busy. She moved with the rest of the family to Lunar Lakes due to a misinterpreted genie wish, and lived there with her husband Pat (yes, Wumbo’s ex-husband) until the family moved to Bridgeport, where she remained until the family moved to Moonlight Falls. Upon this move, Weast moved in with the main family because they feared for an insane sim mingling with the large supernatural population in the new neighborhood. Weast was pestered by the blue leprechauns living in the dishwasher in their Moonlight Falls home until her death.


2 Responses to Weast Derpington

  1. destiny. says:

    she’s so cute in like the weirdest way, & btw good legacy 🙂

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