Wumbo Derpington


Traits:  Neurotic, Excitable, Hot-Headed, Dramatic, Neat
LTW: Chess Legend
Favorites: Latin, Goopy Carbonara, Irish Green
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Immediate Relationships: Daughter of Herp and Dina; Sister of Leedle and Weast; Ex-Wife of Pat; Mother of Goopy and Matthew; Eldest of Gen 1
Achievements: Looked just like her father, married her IF, divorced her IF, autonomously followed in her mother’s footsteps in the political career
Bio: Wumbo was a nice person, but most people tended to avoid her due to her close resemblance to her father. She had many friends in school, although her favorite person in the world was Pat, her imaginary friend. She loved chess, chemistry, and compulsively cleaning the house. She became the first of her siblings to marry her imaginary friend. Regretably, the marriage was short-lived, and dissolved almost as soon as she moved out of the main Derpington house. She never remarried, although she had several short relationships afterwards, including a booty call with Michael Tomyoy in Lunar Lakes which resulted in the birth of her second son, Matthew. Wumbo spent her life working upwards in the political career track, just like her mother before her.


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