Hesper Derpington


.sim (no cc) / .sims3pack (with cc)

Traits: Star Quality, Vehicle Enthusiast, Grumpy, Friendly, Cat Person
LTW: Become Star News Anchor
Favorites: Chinese, Crepes, Purple
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Immediate Relationships: Imaginary Friend of Leedle; Wife of Leedle; Mother of Goopy, Chip, Penny, Used Napkin, Dutchman, and Goober
Mortality State: Imaginary Friend
Achievements: Was one of the cutest Imaginary Friends turned real ever, had two sets of twins, had a half ghost half imaginary friend baby
Bio: Hesper Derpington became real thanks to Wumbo, who made the potion which enabled her to do so. After becoming real, she soon started a relationship with Leedle. The two did not get married until after their first set of twins, Chip and Penny, where toddlers. Unfortunately, the morning after the wedding, Leedle died, leaving Hesper to raise the children with the help of Herp and Dina, who also passed away soon after. Hesper and Leedle had three more children after Leedle’s death, as she was visited by his ghost quite often. The three children were all girls, and one of the births was a set of twins that included a half-ghost, half-imaginary friend baby (Dutchman).
Hesper managed to raise her five children to the point that Penny and Chip became teenagers. Unfortunately, she couldn’t take being apart from Leedle any longer, and died of a broken heart… and empty stomach. She left behind her five children, out of which two were teens, two were children, and one was a toddler.


7 Responses to Hesper Derpington

  1. happydaizy says:

    how do you open the file after downloading?

    • happydaizy says:

      p.s does the CC come with it

      • Reggie says:

        With Hesper, there’s no CC, but I can upload the CC version as a sims3pack. As for opening the file, you have to have a program to unzip the file. I can upload an unzipped version for you if you’d like so you can just put her in the bin… or I’ll upload a .sims3pack of her, I just have to go into my game first.

  2. daisy says:

    thanks 🙂

  3. IrkenArtist says:

    Can you upload a sims3pack of her? Its really hard to find the cc. 😦

  4. IrkenArtist says:

    Thanks sooo much!

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