Penny Derpington


Traits: Photographer’s Eye, Loves the Outdoors, Snob, Animal Lover, Evil
LTW: World Renowned Surgeon
Favorites: Soul, Fish and Chips, Blue
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Immediate Relationships: Daughter of Leedle and Hesper; Granddaughter of Herp and Dina; Twin sister of Chip; Sister of Dutchman, Used Napkin, and Goober; Wife of Peaches; Mother of Stewart and Kacey
Achievements: Raised three younger siblings with the help of her brother after the death of all adults in the household; first gay sim in the legacy
Bio: Penny was in love with herself… and world domination, animals, cameras, and the great outdoors. Despite her flaws, she successfully raised her three younger sisters after their mother passed away unexpectedly, even though it meant being unable to go to prom. She finally was able to live out a life of freedom after she moved out of the house with her wife, Peaches, who was once her imaginary friend. Despite constant fights between the two, Penny and Peaches stuck it out and had 2 children together, their son Stewart and their daughter Kacey.
It was through Penny’s misinterpreted genie wish that the family ended up living in Lunar Lakes, and, despite having her reservations, Penny decided that she did like the community and lived there until the family relocated to Bridgeport, where she lived for the remainder of her life.


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