Pat Derpington


Traits: Workaholic, Slob, Rebellious, Equestrian, Daredevil
LTW: Become Master Acrobat
Favorites: Classical, Key Lime Pie, Orange
Zodiac Sign: Pieces
Immediate Relationships: Imaginary Friend of Wumbo; Ex-Husband of Wumbo; Father of Goopy
Mortality State: Imaginary Friend
Achievements: First Imaginary Friend turned real in the course of the legacy, first divorcee via Story Progression
Bio: Pat Derpington was the IF of Wumbo Derpington turned real when the two were teens. After that, the two began a romance that extended into their adulthood, which also resulted in the birth of their son, Goopy. Unfortunately, the marriage between the two was a short one, and the couple broke up soon after moving out of the main house. It became obvious from the story progression pop-ups about the two that they did not get along too well after the break up.
Pat traveled with the rest of the Derpingtons to Lunar Lakes when Penny’s genie wish got misinterpreted. He moved into a house with Wumbo, Goopy, and Weast, and he began dating Weast shortly afterwards. Wumbo was not happy about this relationship, but said nothing.
Pat and Weast eventually got married, and moved with the rest of the family to Bridgeport. They remained together for the remainder of their lives.


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