Peaches Derpington


Traits: Artistic, Couch Potato, Daredevil, Never Nude, Perfectionist
LTW: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
Favorites: Kids, Lobster Thermidor, Sea Foam
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Immediate Relationships: IF of Penny; Wife of Penny; Mother of Stewart and Kacey
Achievements: Was a kick-ass sim, had the most piercings of anybody in the legacy so far, managed to stay married to her harpy wife
Bio: Peaches Derpington’s life truly began when she was turned real by the girl who imagined her up, Penny. Much to both girls’ delight, the two preferred the company of women over men, and as such, Penny and Peaches began to date. Peaches helped out quite a bit with raising the younger Derpington children. Peaches lived in the Derpington house until the day that she proposed to Penny, which is also the day the two got married and moved out to begin their lives together. Via advanced science, the two women were able to have children together that are biologically theirs. They remained a couple through the move from Lunar Lakes to Bridgeport that the family made after the infamous shower woohoo glitch of July.


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