Dina Caliente


Traits: Hot-headed, Commitment Issues, Flirty, Charismatic, Schmoozer
LTW: Leader of the Free World
Favorites: Classical, Grilled Salmon, Orange
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Immediate Relationships: Wife of Herp; Mother of Wumbo, Leedle, and Weast; Grandmother of Goopy, Penny, Chip, Used Napkin, Dutchman, and Goober
Achievements: Married a very ugly man, got divorced and remarried to him, threw many successful campaign parties
Bio: Dina Caliente never expected to speak to a guy like Herp, much less marry him, but that’s exactly what happened. In getting to know Herp, she learned a valuable lesson about judging others based on appearances. Even though their marriage was rocky at times, Dina and Herp managed to stick through it all and stay together.
In her free time, Dina enjoyed cardio workouts and hot-tubbing. She outlived her husband and son, and died an old woman (twice due to glitches).


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