Because I’ve been getting some questions fairly consistently, I thought I’d make a FAQ page for you guys so you don’t have to wait for me to respond to your questions! Sometimes I’m not on the internet for days at a time and I can see where that would be annoying to people who are curious about a certain question but who have no way of getting it answered right away. Hopefully this will help with that.

 Check here first if you have a particular question, and if I haven’t answered it, feel free to comment here, my resources page, or any chapter that relates to the question.

Is [Insert Sim Name Here] up for download?
Links to particular sim downloads can be found on that sim’s profile page, which can be navigated to from the Generation X menus (or, if you want one of the heirs, all you have to do is click on his/her pic in my side panel!). If the profile page is not up, that means the sim hasn’t been uploaded yet. Don’t worry though; I intend to upload all of the sims made by me in this legacy or that were born in-game. Pets are a different story; I won’t upload these unless somebody requests them. If you want to make a request, comment on a chapter, here, or my resource page.

Also, Sims prior to the third generation have not been uploaded as .sims3packs. If you would like a sim uploaded for a .sims3pack, leave a comment on that sim’s page and I’ll work on it.

WCIF [x] mod/cc?
My resources page should direct you to the link for the mod you’re looking for. I’m not the best at keeping track of my custom content, but if you have something in particular you’re looking for, leave a comment on my resource page and I’ll track it down for you. 😛

What mod do you use that allows you to see what your spares are doing after they are moved out of the main house?
That mod is Twallan’s Story Progression. I use all of the “expanded options” in addition to the base mod. FAQs about that mod can be found here. I don’t feel that I can explain all that this mod does for my game while still doing it justice, but I highly recommend it for anybody who is dissatisfied with EA’s default story progression.

What about how you see a sim’s gender preference?
That’s another of Twallan’s mods, called Woohooer. This is also the mod I use to allow teen/autonomous woohoo.

I will try to add more questions to this page, should they pop up frequently enough.

Will you read my story/legacy/prettacy/etc.?
If you comment on my blog, I typically try to check out your story, especially if you ask me to. But I’m also really busy and absent-minded (maybe that should be one of my sim traits…?). I’m a full-time student and I work two jobs (at the school, but still). So, yeah. I’ll try but it might take me some time. XD

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