Herp Derpington

Herp Derpington


Traits: Couch Potato, Artistic, Mean-Spirited, Photographer’s Eye, Virtuoso
LTW: Master of the Arts (max painting and guitar skills) – COMPLETED
Favorites: Classical, Key Lime Pie, Lime
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Immediate Relationships: Husband of Dina; Father of Wumbo, Leedle, and Weast; Grandfather of Goopy, Chip, Penny, Used Napkin, Dutchman, Goober, and Matthew
Achievements: Founded a Prettacy, married one of the notorious Caliente sisters, looked better in old age than in his youth
Bio: Herp Derpington moved to Legacy Island to seek his fortune and begin his life. At first, due to his hideously “good looks”, he was rejected by the residents. However, he quickly won over their hearts; particularly, the heart of Dina Caliente. Starting out as a stylist, Herp eventually quit and spent the rest of his life as an artist. His favorite hobby was the guitar. During his lifetime, he was able to successfully found a legacy and build up a fortune. He lived to become an old man and see 6 grandchildren born. Unfortunately, he was killed in a terrible fire in the pool house that he called his home in his later years. He was survived by his wife, his two daughters, and his grandchildren.



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