Just some news from me

Well, my semester is beginning to slow, but I still have finals to worry about. Anyway, I thought that you all might want some updates on me:
I aced my senior thesis presentation and paper after some revisions!
I also celebrated my 20th birthday yesterday. I feel like I’m getting old. :S Definitely not a grown up though, nope nope. 😉

Errr, and I wanted to give you the updated url of my Simblr. I deleted the old one and remade one so that things would be nice and clean. I may post extra Prettacy pics up on there. Anyway, thought I’d share that since I’m more active on there anyway. 🙂


That’s all from me right now! I hope everybody’s well. 🙂


About Reggie

I'm 23 years old, and an avid simmer and writer. I don't always have a lot of free time, as I'm currently out of school and trying to figure out what to do with my life, and I try to make time for my hobbies. I love science and science fiction, and one of my current projects is making junk journals. :)
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12 Responses to Just some news from me

  1. Julia says:

    happy late birthday regina [george]

  2. Jo says:

    Happy birthday, Regina (sorry for the delay though). 🙂
    I felt so terrible when I turned 20, I feel your pain, it was like “NO, time’s passing by too quickly, I don’t feel this old yet!”. Every single person I mentioned it to thought it was ridiculous, because “obviously” a 20-year-old is very young, and you can only start feeling bad about your age when you’re at least 30 or so. *eyeroll* But that feeling will pass eventually. 😉 Even though I still don’t feel this old.

  3. Happy late birthday, Regina. :)))
    I’m TheOxymoron, by the way. Finally decidd to make an actual account. 🙂

  4. Happy late birthday! 🙂 Good luck on dem finals 😛

  5. Maisie says:

    Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Belated Birthday Regina Happy Birthday to you! 😀

    Yah happy birthday and good luck on your finals! 😛

  6. happydaizy says:

    good luck on your finals Reggie

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