Chapter 3.6


Last time, the Derpingtons derped, Kevin hid indoors, and Squidward had an epic fall.
Lots of stuff in store this time, for a relatively short chapter. Stay tuned!


When we last left off, Squidward had promised that if Squilvia helped him pwn Squilliam (wow that is a lot of squids), he’d help her build an army of snowmen. Looks like he’s keeping his end of the-
OMG. What is going on? Is that… Kevin?! Out of doors?! HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?!


Kevin: I feel the need to do something, as much as I hate being outside.
You sure you won’t burst into flames?
Kevin: I have agoraphobia. I’m not a vampire.


I think I see where this is going.


Kevin: There shall be no world domination in the cards for you, evil snowman of death!


Kevin: *flails dramatically*


Kevin: Huzzah!


Kevin: Another successful thwarting of evil.


Kevin: I’m awesome.


Your aunt Patty is more awesome for getting herself so high up in the medical field, but I guess destroying your sister’s innocent snowman is pretty cool too.


Squidward: Uhhh, sis?
Squilvia: Not now, Squidward.
Squidward: But Kevin, he-


Squilvia: Shhhh!


Squilvia: There we go.
Squidward: …
Shall I tell Kevin?
Squidward: That’s okay. I’m sure he’ll figure it out on his own.


Look at the happy heir and spouse pictures. We finally finished Tina’s.


This little twerp is enjoying a pansy-ass bubble bath indoors.
Also, here’s to fanservice, amirite?



I’m sick of aliens right about now.


Dutchman: So, there’s a lot of talk going on recently about you taking over as heir?
Kevin: Yeah, but apparently, I’m going to be going to boarding school or something first?
Dutchman: Yes, I heard that rumor as well.


Dutchman: Anyway, you and your siblings be safe. It’ll be lonely here without you kids.


Kevin: Oh, don’t worry too much about that, Gramma… heheh.
I don’t like that laugh.


Speaking of boarding school…


Tina: My babies are off to boarding school today. *ugly sobbing*


Tina: *sniffles*
They’ll be back before you know it!


Bye Squidward!
Squidward: I’m only doing this to avoid being abducted by aliens again.


Fancy pants limos… wait. Why are there three? More importantly, why are there only three?


Kevin: Name’s Derpington. Kevin Derpington.
Kevin. Whatareyoudoinghereyouweresupposedtogotoboardingschoolwithyoursiblingswealreadypaidthetuition.
Kevin: Boarding school… not my style. Too much going outdoors. So I… opted out.

Seriously though. He just… didn’t go. He’s still listed as enrolled. He just didn’t ever leave.
I laughed pretty hard actually.


You deserved that, Kevin. I feel that now we’re even for you skipping out on boarding school.


OH HEY. Look at that! That’s when I installed Uni.


And another way to make up for skipping out on boarding school… Kevin, you’re going to skill until you can’t skill no more!


Kevin: I didn’t sign on for this.
Doesn’t matter. I want a plantsim in the future and this is the easiest way.


Kevin: *random button pushing*


Kevin: Huh. Well would you look at that?
Something interesting?
Kevin: If you think that little specks are interesting. /snark


Hey! Mascot!


I loll’d.


Kevin: Does this mean what I think it means?
Llama: If by that, you mean that University Life came out and twallan updated all of his mods so that this lot can function with the new pack? If so, then yes.
Kevin: I was gonna say that you had the ability to do Gangnam Style.
Llama: That too.

New goal: Get a Derpington to do Gangnam Style


Spiffy university gift is spiffy.
And doesn’t happen irl. Of course, if my school’s mascot showed up at my doorstep with free gifts, that would be creepy AS HELL.

See what I mean? I mean, he typically wears less tie dye than that but it would still be creepy.


Out of her mascot suit, she’s pretty adorable. Potential marriage candidate?


That glow can only mean one thing…


I was gonna say vampire but I guess that works as well.




Still at it.


Still at it… still.


Okay, now I’m just spamming. But his faces! I luff them.


No wonder he was making so many faces. Kevin you fail at life. XD


Dutchman also takes the aptitude test. Because she’s highly skilled in a lot of areas and I wanted to see how well she would do.


She did damn well in a lot of areas. Her low areas don’t matter anyway.
Also not how scholarships work irl. But whatever.


Doing this? Triggered this.


Loling forever. That social group is perfect for this family.



Kevin: Success!
This is as excited as I’ve seen you get about… well, anything, Mr. Grumpy.


Of course, that reaction was triggered by this, which is a pretty cool accomplishment, so how can I complain? His first try, too.


Ahhhh, Derpington bonding. Nice to see the flame is still there.
Dutchman: Sheldon… when you have a moment, we need to talk.


Sheldon: Alright Mom, I’m here.
Dutchman: You may want to sit down for this one.



Dutchman: Of course, Kevin needs to have some input as well, given the circumstances.
Sheldon: …
Dutchman: Kevin! Can you come here for a second?


Kevin: I’m being summoned.
I wouldn’t look so happy just yet.


Dutchman: Kevin, your father and I have been talking… we’re moving. Uprooting, moving across SimNation. Reggie’s been discussing this with me-
Kevin: Wait, who? And what do you mean, moving?
Dutchman: EVP. Apparently, she’d rather go by Reggie. And maybe you should sit down and just listen to me for a while.


Dutchman: We aren’t being given a choice here. We either move or we risk not being able to continue the Prettacy. You’re here because you’ve been chosen as heir by Reggie. She says you’re her favorite anyway, but because of your staying home from boarding school, that kind of solidified her choice. For us three, we don’t have a choice. We’ll be moving, or it’s possible that something called “glitches” will be an issue with our surviving.


Dutchman: As for the rest of the family… it’ll be hard to get your siblings out of boarding school, and quite frankly, they may want to stay here or travel elsewhere upon graduating. I’ve been talking to Patty, who has told me that she wants to stay here and get married to her boyfriend Joe. She’s planning on moving in with him soon. As for your mother…


Kevin: Have you asked her about all of this? Dad?
Sheldon: …


Dutchman: I don’t think it’s going to be an issue. She’ll have to leave her work here, sure, but there’s no reason she shouldn’t want to come with us.
Sheldon: I’m not optimistic.
Dutchman: Why?


Sheldon: Tina’s stubborn. And she loves that job. She may not just want to up and leave it. I’ll go talk to her, see what I can do.


Dutchman: While he does that, we’ll discuss the matter of heirship, Kevin.
Kevin: I know, I’m awesome. The people love me.
Dutchman: There are responsibilities too, you know…






Sheldon: (I don’t know how to do this…)
Tina: Sheldon?


Tina: You coming to bed? A little early for you, huh, ghosthunter? Want to have a little fun first?


Sheldon: Actually, Tina, there’s something we need to talk about. We’re moving. I don’t have a choice. We leave today, actually. There’s not a lot of time, but I wanted to tell you beforehand. Me, Dutchman, and Kevin… we have to leave, for sure.


Tina: What… what are you talking about? How could you not tell me before this?


Sheldon: This was all pretty recent, love. I didn’t know until a few hours ago, when my mom told me all of this.
Tina: How am I supposed to leave my job? Everything I’ve worked so hard for?
Sheldon: I’m sure it’ll be okay, hun. Just-


Tina: No, you can’t SAY that, Sheldon! Do you know how many HOURS I’ve worked, sucking up to my dick of a boss?! And now that I’m FINALLY thrown a bone, you want me to give this up?!


Tina: Do you really THINK for a minute that wherever you’re trying to uproot us to, that they would accept our family the way Moonlight Falls does?! The fact that your wife came from a lamp! Or that your mother is a ghost! How about your kids? Half of them are BLUE! Let’s not forget you, you have a TOY FORM. Do you really think we can go ANYWHERE without facing discrimination?!


Sheldon: Tina, you don’t understand, I don’t have a choice…
Tina: But I do.


Sheldon: Would you really? Has our life together meant nothing to you?


Tina: That’s not fair, Sheldon. Especially when I was only your backup plan.
Sheldon: What are you-


Sheldon: I was a kid, Tina!


Tina: You’re still a kid, Sheldon! You haven’t grown up! You don’t think about anybody else’s needs, it’s all you!
Sheldon: That’s not true! That’s not fair!


Tina: You’re lucky I don’t BANISH you! I ought to, but I think you ought to hear this, first! We’ve been growing apart. We’re two very different people. We were compatible, once, but now…


Tina: I don’t think we should be married anymore.


Sheldon: Tina, I…


Tina: Just go, Sheldon. Take my son away from me. But you don’t get the other three. They’ll stay with me here, when they get back. I’ll call them back. I never wanted them in boarding school. As for us? This marriage is over. I’m sorry.


Sheldon: I can’t believe you can say that with such a straight face… Tina…


Tina: Just… get out of this house before I banish you. Get your things and go.


She walked away, leaving him alone.



Tina: …


Dutchman: Tina? I’m sorry things had to be this way.
Tina: …


Kevin: Mom? Are you… okay? We could hear you from down here. Your genie voice… it’s kind of loud.
Tina: Kevin…


Tina: Just… do me proud, okay?


Kevin: I will, Mom. I promise.


Tina: That’s my boy. If I never see you again… just remember, I love you.


Kevin: I will Mom. I will.



They left in a hurry that night, and made it to their destination – Aurora Skies – quickly.


A new day and life was dawning.


Kevin: …
Kevin was deep in thought, contemplating-
Kevin: Actually, I was just thinking about how long it was going to be before I can get inside the house. I hate it out here.


The family doesn’t take long to adjust to their new home. Sheldon busies himself, trying to take his mind off of his recent divorce. And Kevin bitches about being outside.
Ooh, a little shaky on that entrance.


But just look at that form!


Sheldon: You’re trivializing my heartbreak with your Spongebob quotes.
Sorry man. Gotta ease the tension.


Here’s a llama
There’s a llama
and another little llama
Fuzzy Llama
Funny Llama
Llama Llama duck.


Llama: (Is this… a ghost?!)
Dutchman: I promise what I’m about to do will only sting for a moment.
Llama: ?!


Llama: Wait! What are you doing?!


Llama: Having ghosts throw things at you isn’t part of the job!!!



Llama: For some reason, I feel as though we’ve been friends forever and you throwing that potion at me really doesn’t bother me anymore.
Dutchman: Awesome! Now, there’s a really important question I’ve been meaning to ask you…


Kevin: Hey look! Science!
Yeah, he got a new thingy-mabob so he could do his experimentys.


And there’s this.


Dutchman: Mascot style.


Dutchman: Op, op op op, oppa mascot style!


Dutchman: Heeeeeeey, sexy gnomy!


Dutchman: Oppa Mascot style!
Get Derpington to do Gangnam Style. Check.


And that’s all for this chapter! Next time, we’ll be starting the Generation 4 chapters – Kevin is officially taking over the legacy as active heir. Things may get more plotty in his generation, especially when university starts up… I’ve got some stuff planned out for that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this. I was hoping that the breakup of Sheldon and Tina would be emotional… which is why it ended with Sheldon staring at the freezer bunny that he won for Tina when they went out to the beach. I guess what it came down to is that Tina always thought of herself as the second choice, and hearing that Sheldon was going to take her away from her job (recall the workaholic trait) made her feel incredibly inferior.


About Reggie

I'm 25 years old, and an avid simmer and writer. I don't always have a lot of free time, as I'm currently in school studying to become a marriage and family therapist, and I try to make time for my hobbies. I love science and science fiction, and one of my current projects is making amigurumi! :)
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40 Responses to Chapter 3.6

  1. Julia says:


  2. No no no non ononononononooooooo TINAAAAA!
    Mannnn and she had to bring up Tina. That sucks Sheldon.
    Can’t wait to see what becomes of Kevin! 😀

  3. *sniff* Tina…!

    Plot is good, though, I can’t wait to see what happens in the Uni! 🙂

    • Reggie says:

      I knows. I felt bad for them but I needed to reduce the number of sims making the move as much as possible, so only heirs made the trip. :/

  4. Becki says:

    This was so saaaaaaaad! Why did you leave the rest of the Derpingtons behind? =(

    Excited for generation 4, though ~ Kevin is so adorable!

    • Reggie says:

      I did that so that I could reduce the amount of lag on the lot as well as decrease the chance that I would end up with glitches. I needed the family in a smaller home, but with a group that size as well as the generation 5 kids to be expected, it wouldn’t have been easy to play for me. And honestly, the smaller the household, the more motivated I am to play, so I can get updates out sooner. 😉
      Generation 5 has already begun in my game… I can’t wait to get to that point with you guys!

  5. SO…MANY…FEELS. TELDON! *Sobs quietly on the floor* My OTP…broken up…NOOOOO!

  6. Alas, Teldon was not meant to be! Right in the feels man. But hey, Kevin taking over, a fresh start in Aurora Skies, exciting stuff mixed in with the sad.

  7. Kira says:

    KEVIN!! now for the important stuff, KEVIN! Poor Sheldon and Tina ;'( Aurora skies is amazing I totally want it! Plant sim plant sim!!!! Great chapter! 🙂

  8. Trouble_in_Paradise says:

    YAAAAAAYY!! New chapter! 😀

    Wait…what? Teldon is no more? *wails* WHYYYYYY?? They were so adorable together!! *sniff* 😦

    Good plot, though! Can’t wait to read what happens next! 🙂

    • Reggie says:

      I think that Tina and Sheldon were good for each other when they were younger, but they outgrew each other after a point. 😦

      • Trouble_in_Paradise says:

        *le sigh* oh well…all good things must come to an end, eh?

        Looking forward to future updates 🙂

  9. Awh, no more Tina and Sheldon. They were so cute. 😦 I love Kevin, though! Can’t wait to see those PlantSims.

  10. Jo says:

    Awww, Teldon is no more. 😦 It was good while it lasted, though, but I really thought they had managed to move beyond the whole “Tina replacing Sophie” thing there. It’s even sadder that not only did they divorce, the whole family was split apart. So long, Tina, Squidward, Squilliam, and Squilvia, I will miss them. As well as Patty and the rest of the extended family.
    Kevin did earn his place as heir right there, though, doing his own thing and not even bothering with boarding school. I can’t wait to see what he’ll be like as heir. I do hope his future marriage with mascot girl turns out to be a better and longer-lasting one than his parents’.
    Also, you’re so lucky, getting that seed in the first try! I have no idea how common or rare that might be, not having played that EP, but I don’t care, it’s still awesome.
    Seeing Dutchman dressed as a llama did cheer me up a bit after the Teldon sadness, she looks so silly and adorable. 🙂 (By the way – she’s still an adult? Are you using potions or something so that she’ll stay young?) And oh, those elixirs, how I love them. No need to bother with socializing, just throw random blue vials at other sims and bam! instant BFFs. (Those would be awesome in real life. :P)
    I wonder if Sheldon will eventually find a new romantic interest, that poor guy just can’t win. 😦 Still, I can see him staying all forever alone like Chip, for some reason.
    I can’t wait to see actual TS3 plantsims in your legacy – so far the only pic I’ve seen was the creepy baby at Simsecret. (I actually liked how creepy it was, so I decided I will definitely get the University EP when I get back to TS3.) Too bad that they can’t have their own like in TS2, the whole process does sound a little more difficult here, but then again, that’s the way TS3 is, with the cooking, gardening and everything else. (And it’s one of the things that makes me like it so much.) Would you say University’s a good EP, from what you’ve seen of it so far?

    • Reggie says:

      I like Uni a whole lot! I think it adds quite a bit to the game, and the degree system is cool. It’s one of the better EPs, but so far the ones that have had maxis back on it have been a lot better (as compared to the Katy Perry disaster).
      So far, I haven’t gotten another seed, so I’m not sure how common it is. Also, it takes a while to get the baby… The first two times, I only got a fruit, and so I had to regrow the plant over and over again.
      Ghosts actually don’t age! I was surprised by that when I realized it, actually, but it makes sense as a feature.
      TS3 has a lot of cool features, even more so with the EPs.

      • Jo says:

        Oh, they must have had introduced that feature more recently…because I played a family with several ghosts family members back when I only had the base game. Those ghosts aged normally and eventually died of old age. And the ghost son from my WYD family did age to elder (but an extremely time after he moved out after becoming a YA). As he’s still alive, I just assumed he was glitched for some reason. I think there’s something with ghosts and the Master Controller and Story Progression mods that’s not working out so well for me, as that one ghost son ended up having like half a dozen wives (as they died of old age and he didn’t), and two of those marriages produced children (six of them total). All of those kids were ghosts like their father and never did manage to age beyond toddler stage, even though I tried to age them via the household laptop when it was clear they were stuck. They’re still in the family tree, but they no longer appear listed as ghost sims in the neighbourhood, or any other lists that would include them using Master Controller. The same thing happened to the eldest son of that ghost’s father and his vampire wife (the kid was a ghost, got glitched into oblivion when he became a toddler). They had a second son, a regular sim, and his aging always worked right. Your ghosts always seemed to age just fine and have ghost kids who aged normally too, so I really wonder about this. :/ (sorry for the long rant-ish part of this post, I got carried away)

        TS3 is such a cool game, I love its little details, and how skills, sim relationships, etc. are all much more complex than in TS2. There’s always something new for you to try that way, while in TS2, for instance, your sims can go and max their Cooking skill. They can now cook x different dishes – and that’s pretty much it. It gets boring easily. Even with the EPs that I’ve had for a longer time, there are always things I can try to do that I have never done before. Like the gnomes – I’d been trying to get all the gnomes (well, all the gnomes from the EPs I do have), and I still haven’t managed to get all of them, no matter how much I try. OK, TS2 might be better for storytelling for plotty legacies and other stories, but I don’t get the hate some people have for the game, it’s a bit puzzling.

        So the plantbaby works just like a regular plant? You plant it, wait for it to grow, etc., and then there is a chance you get a plantbaby? Can you choose anything (besides naming it, I guess) about the baby? That’s a bummer that it doesn’t always result in a baby, though, I sort of assumed it would.

      • Reggie says:

        With the baby, you can only name it… it pops out as an infant, and from then on, you can do anything you want with it. It works as adoption, but here’s something interesting (and a bit of a spoiler)…
        Kevin picked the plant, and as such, he’s listed as the adopted parent of the baby. But the baby has Cuddle’s (Sheldon’s as well) eyes! It’s not an eye color saved in CAS, so it had to have come from there! So there seems to be a genetic component to the PlantSims and their adopted parents.
        My ghosts all have aged normally. Dutchman has aged normally, even though she was born before the Supernatural EP came out (which I assume fixed a lot of the weird ghost aging stuff). She aged up to YA and just stopped. Same with the other ghosts that I’ve had, they just don’t age at all (which is neat, but strange at the same time. :P).

        I’ve never gotten all of the gnomes either, but I want to! Only thing is, with how much they move, no doubt I’d lose them. If you recall, I had a normal one at one point… but I didn’t even realize I had him until I found his grave on the lot at random… XD

      • Reggie says:

        Actually, because of the potential genetic component… I’m considering letting PlantSims be eligible for heirship.

  11. Jo says:

    (For some reason, I don’t have the option to “reply” to any of your last two posts, so I’m writing a new one – I wonder if it’s just my laptop being derpy again.)
    I figured as much (too bad that there can’t be any trait input, though) but it’s awesome that there is a genetic component there. 😀 Cuddles and Sheldon had/have lovely eyes, I imagine those must look striking in a plantsim! TS3 does follow Lamarck’s ideas, it seems, with sims dying their hair and being able to pass that hair colour down to their kids, and if a sim adopts a child, that child might have kids of their own later who inherit traits from the grandparent (who isn’t even a biological one..). But as plant sims are supernaturals, it doesn’t seem so odd there, it’s just pretty cool in this case. 🙂

    Harlan, the ghost I mentioned before, was born before Supernatural too, but the EP didn’t fix him (all of his kids were born after I installed Supernatural, I think, or at least most of them were; the also glitched half-brother wasn’t). Maybe that is because he’s not a part of my active household? I have no ghosts there, so I don’t know if that would change things (though I might get one just to check that out eventually, one of my sims gets the “Oh my Ghost!” opportunity very frequently, and of course that happens when I don’t have much interest in having ghost sims).

    I’ve found dozens of regular Mysterious Mr. Gnomes during the course of my WYD challenge, and some more in the following generations. Sadly, they’re all dead of old age now except for one, but I did keep their graves around. I have several vampire gnomes too (3 or 4 – after I got one, I bought some teddy bears so that she’d turn them), two freezer bunny ones, several (7 or so) lounge lizard gnomes and magician gnomes (got them after I had sims in those careers), and one lonely dog gnome. No cat gnomes, even though the family owned two cats at different points (now dead of old age). I had those cats play with the catnip mouse all the time, but no success. Of course, no horse gnomes, as they never had horses, and no Blingaboo gnomes either. I think those can only be given as gifts if you have 5 star celebrities, but the WYD mother and her husband both reached that level eventually – they received hundreds of gifts, but never a gnome. After them, I’ve never had any 5 star celebrity again, so no luck. And I don’t have any gnome of the darned either – I have two witches, might try that one at some point.

    I remember you had several creepy dog gnomes, and some of the Ambitions gnomes too, right? I don’t have that EP, but I do know it comes with a lot of gnomes. XD I can’t remember what gnomes you had besides those (not counting the Mysterious Mr. Gnome). Freezer bunny, maybe?

    • Reggie says:

      I’ve gotten several freezer bunny gnomes, the laundry gnome, and the inventing gnome for sure. You’re right, I had several dog gnomes as well. I also got the evil gnome added with seasons. I’ve had the magician gnome, but not with this family ever. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any of the supernatural gnomes though… I certainly haven’t gotten a vampire gnome.

      • Jo says:

        Yes, I think those were the ones I remembered – the laundry gnome is the bear, right? I couldn’t possibly forget the dog gnomes with their creepiness and the way they stalked Dutchman around. 😛 Though they can look very cute too, I have a pic of mine sleeping on the Philospher’s Stone which is just adorable. 🙂
        Apparently you don’t need sims in the Magician or Singer careers to get those two gnomes, I got them that way, but I read on the wiki that you can get also get Magician gnomes by having a genie perform magic (summon food, clean the house, etc.). Not sure if you can get it via witches too. And it also said that if you leave a peanut butter and jelly sandwich lying around, it might result in the appearance of a lounge lizard gnome.
        The vampire gnome is from Late Night, actually, and it’s surprisingly easy to get when compared to the cats and dogs (at least in my opinion). If you have at least 3 plasma fruit bushes in the lot, you’ll have a pretty good chance of having one appear, and as soon as you have one, you can have more by giving her teddy bears to turn (though I’ve read they can turn the bear gnome into a vampire gnome too).
        Seasons also came with a lot of gnomes, didn’t it? One related to each season plus the evil one, right? The evil gnome sounds awesome from what I’ve read, though it probably gets annoying with pulling pranks all the time, I suppose.

  12. HollyCaptain says:

    How often do chapters come out? I like to try to forget to read for a long time then come back to some interesting stuff.

    • Reggie says:

      I don’t have a set schedule really… And honestly I haven’t played the file recently so there hasn’t been much happening ahead from where the story is at. So errr… I couldn’t really say. Sorry about that.

  13. candi0207 says:

    These errors are killing legacy families and tearing them apart. EA should be ashamed they haven’t fix this issue. I’m doing the same thing in mine now, trying to just focus on one heir because of how badly it crashed my game. It’s good you’re doing this early on, although I hate to see Tina go 😦

  14. thatnyankitty says:

    Okay, so this is officially my favorite blog ever!

  15. esander1 says:

    Poor Sheldon! That was quite an emotional blowout…I understand why that’d be too many sims. I’ll miss the other siblings too, the sibling rivalry was funny. But I’m glad Dutchie came too, she’s one of my favorites :’)

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