Chapter 2.12


Hey everybody, and welcome back to Herping and Derping! I’m trying to keep the updates coming out while I’m still enthused! I’m looking forward to the weekend, because it means more time to play sims! But I still want to make sure I don’t get too far ahead in my game relative to my chapters, so here’s another one for ya!


Goober: Oh great Plumbbob of alchemy, turn this pile of scrap into pretty shiny gold that sparkles in the sunlight!


Goober: And the magic words – Booga booga booga!
They didn’t work last time, what makes you think they’ll do any better now?
Goober: I haven’t come up with any other ones to try yet…

As you can see, she’s still trying to turn something to gold with the Philosopher’s Stone.


And she isn’t doing very well.
Goober: I’ll keep trying until I do though, dammit!


Goober: Uh, this doesn’t look so good!!!
What did you say to it?!
Goober: Well you said booga booga booga wasn’t it, so I tried something new!!! And I guess it didn’t like it!


Obviously it didn’t work for the scrap… what the hell did you say?!


Goober: I may have said something like “turn this piece of scrap to gold or I’ll ship you off to the junkyard”. But I didn’t think it heard me!!!


Goober: Oh Will Wright what’s it doing that for?!?!


Goober: Oh, whew, it’s calming down, I guess it was just another-


Goober: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Goober: I… can’t… m-mo-




Grim: We really have to stop meeting like this, EVP. How long has it been since you had one of these Derpingtons die a natural death of old age?
Well this is awkward.


Dutchman: Hey! She finally did it! And what a great piece of work she – oh shit, that’s her isn’t it.
Grim: Ya you sure picked that up fast.


Dutchman: Oh Plumbbobs what about poor Patty? She’ll have to grow up without a mother.
Grim: Well these things do happen… although I’ve got to admit, I don’t get to see many of these solid gold cases! What style! What class! A great way to die, if I do say so myself!


Shhhh, Grim, don’t be so insensitive!
Dutchman: *sobs*
Grim: Why are you so upset, you’re dead too!


Grim: Anyway, I don’t have all day to waste on you people. By the powers vested in me by the state of Kentucky, I hereby pronounce Goober Derpington dead…


Bear: *whines*


Poor bby. He doesn’t do well in these situations, obvs. 😦


Grim: Alright, Goober, get up, you’re coming with me.


Goober: Ugggghhhh…
Dutchman: Oh Goob! Why?! *cries*


Goober: Wow, that was weird, I had this crazy dream I died. Oh wait. Is that gold thing –
Yeah, that wasn’t a dream hun.
Goober: Well, at least I turned something to gold, right? And hey, I sparkle now!
You’re one of those glass half full kind of people, aren’t you?


And just like that, Grim had whisked Goober away, and we were left with her gold-incased mortal remains.


Amelia is just as broken up about it as Bear is. 😦


Lysk: Something bad just happened, didn’t it?
Lysk: You did something to Goober, didn’t you? D:
:S Awkward.


Dina: EVP, will you ever let these poor Sims be happy?
As soon as I collect all of the ghost colors, yes.


In other familial news, the extended family is aging. Goopy’s kids are getting to be adults, believe it or not. 😦


Lysk: (I’m a grieving widower. Surely Goober’s aunt will understand and let me have a sip of her plasma…)


Lysk: (Just lean in slowly, and…)
Goober: What in the moon are you doing?! Did the leprechauns put you up to this????


Lysk: Look, I was just-
Weast: No, you were just telling those crazy leprechauns that they can kindly go back to Antarctica where they came from and that they’ll leave me be!
Lysk: (probably best not to drink plasma from crazies anyway…)


Dina: Hey sonny. Goober wanted me to let you know that she’s doing quite well, and that you don’t need to worry about her.


Lysk: That’s great and all, Dina, but… I really don’t know how to raise our daughter without her. Can you tell her I need to see her? I just miss her… so much.
Dina: I’ll let her know, but I can’t make any promises as to when she’ll be here. We’re on Grim’s schedule, not our own.


In the midst of all of this sadness, a moment of victory was had for the family when Cuddles fulfilled his LTW and became a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder! This is the first time I’ve ever had a Sim do this in my game, so a double congratulations for Cuddles!


Cuddles rewards himself with a little present… a jelly bean bush!


Cuddles: *om nom nom*


Cuddles: Is something supposed to happen?
Wait for it.


Cuddles: Yeah the only thing I’m getting from this is that the bed behind me isn’t rendered.
*eye roll* You got a positive moodlet, isn’t that enough?


Bear: Don’t do it, Master! I can’t take the pain of losing you, too!
Cuddles: Oh hey Bear! These jelly beans are pretty sweet. 😀


Cuddles: Say, do you smell something?


Cuddles: Whew, smells like Dutchman is cooking… wait, why is my ass warm?!


Cuddles: Great Plumbbobs those jelly beans are CRAAAAAZZZZZZYYYY!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And so begins Cuddles’ life-long affair with jelly beans.


Dutchman: *type type type*
Weast: (Those leprechauns keep trying to steal my fairy dust. Well they won’t get away with it! I’ll give it to Dutchman, that way, those blue creatures of evil can’t use it to take over Saturn!)






Dutchman: Huh, that’s a funny sensation.



Dutchman: Wow, this is so much cooler than hovering!!!



And Dutchman learns the power of faith, trust, and pixie fairy dust.


Patty: Birfday!
Wow, it’s that time already? They grow up so fast. ;_;




Patty: Awesome. Finally, I can speak in complete sentences!
You probably could before, I just have no experience with toddlers and as such I lack the ability to characterize them.


And she becomes more and more bizarre with age. I suppose she’s good at interacting with people, but she chooses not to? Sounds kinda like a goth kid to me. :S


Patty and Shelly share a “birfday”, so it’s his turn next!



Why Spongebob Sheldon?! Whhhhhhyyyyyyy?!?!


There, that’s much better. Isn’t he cuuuuuute? 😀


And now we have a little vehicle enthusiast on our hands and I’m wondering “why the hell did I install that stuff pack?”!


Triple birthday!


Chum: Yay! Maybe as a teenager I’ll stop being such a wallflower!
You’ve never seen any high school movies, have you hun?


Sheldon: Hey sis! The voice that talks to us says I’m pretty cute, I might have this heir thing in the bag… say, are you busy or something-?


Sheldon: Because I can come back later…


Sheldon: Oh, hey! You’re taller now. Cool. 😀
He’s oblivious but he’s so cute he can get away with it.


We didn’t have much time in this new school for her to get her grades up. Thus the angler trait.

And now, time for a makeover!

Because makeovers are srs business, I’ve called in the experts.


Chummy wummy, you’re super cute.
Chum: You think so? So will boys notice me?
Probably not but I think you’re adorable!
Chum: *sigh* I guess I’ll take it…


I told you guys: life-long affair.
Oh, and the lighting’s all weird because it’s a full moon tonight. :S


Cuddles: Will Wright Dammit, not again!!!

This was just the second of many butt fires in Cuddles’ life.


Full moons apparently mean a lot of ghostly activity, as Wumbo decided to grace us with her presence! It’s the first time I’ve seen her ghost, I don’t know why she doesn’t haunt more often!
Wumbo: It’s because you irritate me.
What was that? Can’t hear you!


Leedle also pops up for a visit.
Leedle: Look, I’m just popping in for ice cream. See, the truck’s right across the street, I think the driver’s trying to catch that fairy on a bike!


I didn’t believe him until I looked. Only in Moonlight Falls.


I wasn’t sure what to do with Goober’s… body. I mean, I could have sold her for $50,000, which is cool and all, but it seemed disrespectful somehow.
So I’m using her as a pond decoration!
Weast: The fish like to group around her toes, so I try to cast near where she’s sitting.


Speak of the devil…
Goober: Look! I’m shiny! Being a gold ghost is so much cooler than just dripping like Dutchman does!


Goober: See! Sparklies! I leave sparklies wherever I go!!!
She’s enjoying being dead way too much.


Goober: Uh, hello up there, have you seen my husband Lysk? I’ve kind of forgotten the layout of the house since I’ve been dead and I just can’t find him. :S
Chum: Who in their right mind is making all that racket at this time of night?! Wait. It might be Great Aunt Weast. She isn’t in her right mind!


Chum: Woah, it’s the ghost of Aunt Goober! Wait, that’s no big deal, I’m a ghost.
Goober: Wow Chum, you’ve grown up a lot. Say, I don’t have much time, can you take me to Uncle Lysk?
Chum: Uhhh… no problem…


Lysk: Goober! It’s… it’s really you!
Goober: Well, Grandma said that you needed to see me! What’s wrong, hun?


Lysk: Oh, things just haven’t been the same without you! I haven’t known what to do with myself!
Cuddles: Um. Guys. Could you maybe not do this in our room? Dutchman is trying to sleep and I want to eat more jelly beans.
Goober: He’s right… we can talk in a minute. Right now, we should…



Lysk: Do you really have to leave again? What if I bound your ghost with the Philosopher’s Stone? You could stay and-
Goober: Well, no offense, but I’d rather not be associated with that thing any more.
Lysk: Oh… but what will I do without you? I don’t want to live my ridiculously long vampiric lifespan without you here!
Goober: Just hold off until Patty is old enough to take care of herself. Then, you can do… whatever you want, and we can be together in the afterlife.
Lysk: Alright dear… But I wish I didn’t have to wait. 😦


Cuddles: Oh, woe is me! Woe is-


Cuddles: ZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ……….
We have got to lay off those jelly beans, Cuddles.


FRED!!! 😛


You just couldn’t resist, could you?


Cuddles: I think you might have a point. But what can I do to distract myself from those damned jelly beans?!


Dutchman: I may have something in mind…







OMG. XD Wardrobe woohoo is the best thing ever, if just for that moodlet!!!


Cuddles: Hey, that was pretty distracting! And sexy as hell. 😉
Dutchman: *giggles*


Cuddles: Heheh, you’re naked.
Dutchman: Hey, maybe you should take a look at yourself there, I ‘m not the only one feeling the breeze if you know what I mean! 😉

Cleverly positioned camera is clever.


And now everybody has gotten to see Cuddles’ ass.

Now, I think where I made my mistake here is that I thought Cuddles and Dutchman would dress themselves.


I was wrong.


So wrong.


So very, very wrong.
The worst part about all this: I didn’t even know we had a dog gnome. XD

And we never saw him again! Not really but wouldn’t that be funny after this incident?


Let’s get back to some nice, clean G-rated stuff.
Sheldon the amazingly cute and innocent spawn of his ridiculous parents Cuddles and Dutchman works on his homework.


Sheldon: You want to know the worst part about this? My dad walked in here naked. Naked. Do you know how hard it is to work on your homework after your dad scars you by walking into the room naked?! Do you?!?!
No, I can’t say I do. The most “naked” I’ve ever seen my dad is when he decided to walk into my room and moon me at random.


Sheldon: Then you understand to an extent what I’m talking about. You must understand how hard it is to concentrate on pre-algebra when the thing that’s fresh on your mind are your father’s big hairy-

OKAY let’s move on to somebody else.


Chum, your ridiculous father hasn’t come wandering in here, has he?
Chum: No, why? Is something going on?
Nothing you need to know about…


Weast: This is the song that never ends… yes it goes on and on my friends…


Weast: …some people started singing it not knowing what it was! And they’ll continue singing it forever just because this is the song that never ends! Yes it goes on and on…

I’m trying to make this situation funny, but I feel like it might cross some kind of line regarding respect for the dead. XD


Weast: Don’t let the leprechauns see you when you go to put that dish away, dearie! They’re quite aggressive unless you’re wearing a cone on your head!


Dutchman: (Wow she is bizarre).
Lysk: (Wow I did not realize how much Dutchman resembles Goober).


Lysk: (I wonder if Goober would be mad if I found comfort in Dutchman’s arms? Hmm)

I think he should be more worried about Cuddles being mad about that.


Ice Cream Truck: Heeeyyy…. kid…. you want to come in here? See what kind of ice cream we have?


Sheldon: My mom told me that if I see that truck, I should run as fast as I can in the opposite direction.
Good call on Dutchman’s part.


Bear: Did somebody say… ice cream?!

And we’ll stop there, since I’m right around the 100 pictures that I like to keep my chapters at. Will Lysk attempt to seduce Dutchman? Will Sheldon continue to be super adorbz? Will Patty and Chum get more face-time? Will Cuddles overcome his jelly bean addiction?

Tune in next time for the answers to this pressing questions and more. Until then, I’ll be seeing you guys. Happy Simming!


About Reggie

I'm 23 years old, and an avid simmer and writer. I don't always have a lot of free time, as I'm currently out of school and trying to figure out what to do with my life, and I try to make time for my hobbies. I love science and science fiction, and one of my current projects is making junk journals. :)
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19 Responses to Chapter 2.12

  1. G-Goober…?? Noes!!!!! 😦 😦 😦

  2. Will there ever be a generation where everyone lives to the end? T_T Oh Goober…
    But Lysk’s developing storyline looks interesting. I’d like to see Cuddles jealous 😛 Actually he’d be more angry than jealous. Jealousy is for teens 😛

    • Reggie says:

      Yeah there was going to be a nice plot to go with that but I ended up … well you’ll see. To some extent I like to let my Sims work things like that out on their own. XD

      Heheh, well mainly that’s me trying to clear out the house for future generations. Plus I’m collecting ghost colors right now. XD

  3. tesstastic says:

    Gooooooooobs! NUUUUUUUU D:

    On a lighter note, as soon as I saw the Spongebob picture, the jellyfishing music started playing in my head. EPIC.

    • Reggie says:


      In all honesty, I killed her because I wanted the golden ghost and the house had become too crowded for my tastes. XD

  4. TheOxymoron says:

    Goober dying makes mesuper sad, but at least she’s a cool sparkly ghost now.

  5. GOOOOOOOOBER! *Sniffles* I’m a goofy goober…yeah…

    I loved how much Cuddles there was in this update and dat ass…ME GUSTA.

    • Reggie says:

      OMG I about died when I saw that he was doing that. I was thinking “they’re gonna LOVE this!” Nice to know that that prediction came true. 😛

      Don’t worry too much about Goober; she comes haunting all the time. XD

      • theruffleheartlegacy says:

        I had a similar thing happen to a werewolf of mine – shame he wasn’t hot like Cuddles 😀 And good…I’d miss her too much >.<

  6. annies says:

    High five for not knowing how to characterize babies. I don’t know any babies either.
    Awesome update as usual. Goober’s death was more fascinating than sad and now I feel super guilty. AND WHERE WAS PATTY THIS WHOLE TIME?! 🙂

    • Reggie says:

      I think Patty was hiding. Plus she was a toddler a lot of the time too. XD And toddlers are very boring (aside from Sheldon, who we already know I stalk. :P).

      • annies says:

        Toddlers seem easier to deal with on TS3, or is it just me? 😀 I think it’s good because it leaves more space for playing around with the fun stuff.

      • Reggie says:

        Once you get them trained, yeah they’re pretty easy, and also if you don’t have like three of them at the same time. XD Plus if you’ve got the lifespan set to normal you have seven days to get all of the skills learned… although I’ve adjusted the time down a bit to make the toddler span shorter and a little more challenging. 😛

      • annies says:

        You keep forgetting I’ve played TS3 before, woman. I only had the base game though, so I’m always afraid something’s changed >_> It’s still the same, I see. I had triplets once. It was… challenging 😛

  7. esander1 says:

    lol, Cuddles and his jelly bean addiction, first his butt’s on fire, then he’s breathing fire, and then he’s completely in the nude! Poor innocent Shelly, scarred for life. This chapter was quite entertaining! That’s a bummer about Goober, but she’s sure a pretty ghost, with the glimmers and sparklies 😉

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