Chapter 2.11


Hello everybody, and welcome back to Herping and Derping. I’m finally caught up to where I’m playing now. 😛 The last half of these pictures were taken literally a day from when I’m writing this, so this is current stuff! Of course, this is probably coming to you a bit after when I’m actually writing. My internet was supposed to be fixed on Saturday so I could see how excited you guys were about chapter 2.10, but it probably won’t be fixed at home until next weekend so the only internet connection I’ll be getting is the one at school. I guess I’ll just have to play sims when I’m at home instead of sitting on Tumblr. And hey, this means updates for you guys!


So when we last left off, Chum was on her way to school…
Chum: Still pedaling here!!! *pants*
Yeah we live pretty far from the school.


And Cuddles was being all science-like, working at the science facility.
Actually, this picture really serves no purpose, other than “COOL, WHALE SKELETON!”


I was informed that Penny has also been succeeding in her career, so I decided to check on how her personal life was going.


And I discovered that Penny and Peaches had gotten divorced.
I don’t remember being notified about it either. It just made me pretty sad. :S


And then I noticed this. D: Pat died, and I wasn’t notified of that either. :S
So I sent Cuddles to retrieve his grave, as per custom.


R.I.P, Pat, you will be missed. Also, have fun next to Wumbo. XD


I guess that Penny is so busy at the hospital, Used took over the Harpy position for her. 😛


Oh, and naturally, since Cuddles was there, I sent him catacomb exploring. And apparently, as with everything else, he rocks this too, as he found a genie lamp. *raise the roof*




Catching up with the spares and Cuddles’ misadventures. Note Chip’s new relationship. I see a pattern developing.


Sheldon, it’s bad enough your cousin does it, now you’re picking your nose too?!
Chum: Don’t mind me back here, I’m just the neglected oldest child.
Hush, I pay attention to you too.


It’s just you aren’t as cute as toddler Sheldon. XD


See, you get your own shot now. What would you like to tell the readers?
Chum: Well, this is my make-believe family. In this world, I don’t have a little brother and my parents spend time with me.
I promise she isn’t neglected.


See, she even gets her LTW! Master Magician. Should be fun, I haven’t played around much with Showtime professions.


She also has opportunities to make friends. [/evidence against child neglect]


Dutchman uses toddler training!




It’s super effective!


Typical day in this house, really. There tends to be a crowd in the nursery because I like to get the kids trained fast so I don’t have to deal with them anymore.


Everybody say hi to Hesper! This may be the last time we ever see her haunting because after I installed and patched Supernatural, and moved the family because of a glitch she’s been throwing script errors at me left and right so I don’t think she’ll ever haunt again. 😦
Same thing is happening with Pat. I wonder if it’s because of that IF trait and moving the graves? They’re the only two Supernaturals I have in the cemetery, and the only two throwing glitches, so it would make since.


Seems that I take a lot of needless pictures when there are cute kids around. Probably why we’re on 2.11 and the youngest are still toddlers.


Bear: The little one is up.
Amelia: Run away!
Because who wants to deal with a screaming kid? I know I wouldn’t.


Goober: Patty, say “mama”
Patty: …


Goober: Really kid? Really? Momma don’t play that game Patty.


Patty: *stone-faced*


Why are you running?
Cuddles: I take my job very seriously.
Somehow I doubt that but alright.


Baby Sheldon really doesn’t cause very much trouble. He’s got a really great temperament and rarely cries.


See? All smiles with this one.


Dutchman: I’m pretty sure Chum was this easy too.
Yes but I’m stuck on how cute Sheldon is so we’re focusing on how awesome he is right now *pinches cheeks*



He. Does. Everything. Awesomely.




Oh and the kids are great too.



The extended family seems to be doing well too.









Best friends in the making right there. 😀


Leedle drops by…


And quite literally drops.


Lysk: Why is this picture here?
I don’t know. For the fangirls? Does Lysk have fangirls? I know somebody’s got him in their game. 😛


Chum: It’s okay, Peanut. Maybe EVP ignores me and my parents are busy with their jobs and Sheldon, and the rest of my extended family is crazy, and I was born dead, but you’ll always love me, right?
STAP IT. You aren’t neglected! I take good care of my sims, provided I’m not trying to kill them. D:






Lysk: Nobody can tell what that’s supposed to be!
It’s Eye of the Tiger! The workout should have been a clue.
Lysk: They don’t know that. Could have been dubstep for all the clues you were giving them.
Everybody’s a critic.




Dutchman’s favorite genre is sci-fi, probably because of her ghastliness. 😛 Or maybe that would be paranormal, but there’s really not a genre for that in the Sims I don’t think. Plus I read sci-fi so I thought it would be appropriate.


Everybody in this family gets an IF. Ev. Rey. Body.


Chum: Uhhhh….
Leedle: Oh. Hi.


Chum: So which relative of mine are you?
Leedle: You’re Dutchman’s kid? That would make me your grandfather.


Chum: Oh, well, you’re kind of in my room. Do you want to hang out? Read me a bedtime story?


Leedle: ….


Leedle: Yeah… no.


Poor Chum. All she wanted was a bedtime story. Picked the wrong guy for it I guess. :S



Ghosts and dogs, dog-ghosts, this family is so bizarre. Every night you hear the haunting music. And it really creeps me out.


Goober: Good night, you little turd.
Goober, why are you calling her a turd?
Goober: I’m still mad about the fits she gave me when I tried to teach her how to talk.


Goober: Anyway, she doesn’t seem to broken up about it.
Patty: Turd!


Gee, who could have predicted this?


Dutchman: Dirty dogs… Cuddles is the dog person, why doesn’t he do this?
Not sure. I guess your motives where higher and you were more convenient at that particular moment.


Bear: First a bath and now this!


Bear: …Why?
Sorry hun. 😦 Go find a people-bed. That would seem to be more comfortable anyway.


That implies that Peaches has the kids then.
And Penny got the cat.


Sheldon: Dark…
It’s okay, somebody’s on the way.


Cuddles: Hey little buddy, there you go.


Cuddles: Yeah, there you go little man. Drink that up and then play here while I go and woo- I mean talk to your mom.
Just ignore him, Sheldon.



asdfghjkl the cute!!!!!!


Sheldon: (Damn this block! Why will it not fit in the hole?!)


Sheldon: (Okay, let’s calmly reevaluate this situation and…)


Sheldon: *giggles* Gwot it!
Evil genius in the making.


Or maybe he’s just possessed.


At this point, I took a break from the sims because I started back school. This picture was literally taken in mid-August, as opposed from the pictures I’m about to show you, which were taken the same weekend that I’m writing this.
Now I opened up the save file, but since I’d installed a new EP and a patch, everything was wonky as hell. Which meant time to move.
And since the EP I installed was Supernatural, it only seemed appropriate that the Derpingtons move to a place where being Supernatural was… well, natural.


Welcome to Moonlight Falls, Derpingtons!
Lysk: I don’t like it.
You don’t like anything!
Now for a brief tour of a house I put together in several hours as opposed to the several days I normally take.


Okay, so you see we have a wrap-around porch. On the far left is our blue master suite, where Cuddles and Dutchman will be sleeping. They have their own bathroom with separate rooms for the toilet and sink, shower, and deluxe bath.
The big empty space in the middle is the foyer/living room/dining room. But I haven’t really decorated because this house was put together fast.
Next to that is the red/black/grey kitchen. Both the foyer and the kitchen lead off into the garage, that big black room.
Joined to the kitchen is the family room, which again isn’t very well decorated at this point but hopefully one day it will be. Attached to the family room, above the kitchen, is the laundry room with a half-bath joined to it.
The large room on the far right is the nursery, currently outfitted with two cribs but easily able to hold more.


Upstairs we have the rest of the rooms. On the far right, the largest one you see is Goober’s and Lysk’s room. It’s also sparsely decorated. There’s a blue and green bathroom on this floor, the green with just a shower and the blue with a shower/tub combo.
The purple room with the skull will be Patty’s room, and the blue one one the left is Chum’s. The empty one at the front was meant to be Sheldon’s, but I got lazy and some stuff happened so he never lived in that room.
The orange room is the guest/spare bedroom, which is currently occupied, but more on that later…


A door leading out of the nursery leads to a playground for the kids.


Behind the playground is the 10×10 garden, with some solar panels adjacent to it.


The back left corner of the lot is the family cemetery with a stocked pond.


And in the front left corner is a storage shed with some hidden secrets. *wink*

And thus concludes our tour. I’m a crappy builder and a worse decorator so it’s not as great as it could be, but it’ll work for our purposes.


Some of you may be wondering who the mysterious person in the spare bedroom is. Can you recognize her?


Weast: Here’s Weasty!
Yeah. As per usual the whole family made the move. Since Weast didn’t have much time left, I decided to let her move in with the family. Who knows what a crazy old bat like her would get up to in a place like Moonlight Falls? XD


And Used Napkin and Rags live next door!




They seem bored with the change of scenery already.


For some reason, I found this hilarious.



Chum: Hey, this is a lot of fun! Did you build all this for me?
Well, yes. You and for the other future generations. But you’re the first one to get to play with it.
Chum: Sweet!


The nursery’s got pretty much everything in it, including assorted children’s clutter and a rocking chair.


Chum built a sandcastle.
Chum: It’s not a sandcastle! It’s two sand people! See their arms?
Yeah it’s a sandcastle. Or maybe a sandwich. IDK.


Cuddles: Hmm… that looks like a great spot for whoopie.


Goober: I see strange people.
You’re married to a vampire. How strange can some sparkly fairies be?


Well. Okay. That does seem atypical. I take it back, Goober, this place is freak central.


But they give us discounts so it can’t be all bad. 😛


In contrast, there seems to be no freaks at the alchemy shop I sent Cuddles to.
Cuddles: This place is quite dull compared to the tree house woohoo I could have been having.


Chum: Arrrgh! Avast ye matey! We be plundering that ship or my name isn’t Captain Chumbalaya, terror of the seven seas!
We’ll leave her to her play.


I guess the stylist business really ages you. :S Poor Goopy.


Goober: You aren’t by any chance trying to kill me, are you?
No, I just want to see how this philosopher’s stone works.
Goober: I’d feel much more comfortable if I had even one alchemy skill point.
You’ll be fine, just see if you can turn something gold for me. *waits for shinies*


Goober: I’ve got a bad feeling about this…


Goober: Erm…. presto chango! Conversion! By the powers of Tom Cruise, I command thee to transmute!


Goober: Alright, you aren’t a Tom Cruise fan…. Hmmm…. Kanye West? He’s pretty crazy.
Yeah, let’s try magic words again. I don’t think crazy celebrities are going to help us on this one.


Goober: Booga booga booga!
Now that just sounds like Herp. :S



Goober: I don’t think that worked.
Well, look at it this way; at least you’re still alive.


Goober: So I survive transmutation and you put me on this death trap!
Psssh, you’ll be fine, nobody’s been known to die from mining in the sims at least.



Goober: Oh I hope for my sake you’re right….


That’s just the sound of the drill, relax.
Goober: O-okay. Come on, Goob, be cool, be cool.


Seems Dutchman is also risking her life at the inventing bench.
Dutchman: Erm… scrap go boom?
Apparently. Now go shower off honey. *pat pat*


Dutchie that isn’t the way to the shower! That’s our secrete underground lair of EVIIIIILLLLL.


Yep. Evil. On the left you see our evil moon dial, and up against the wall is our evil gem cutter. You can also see our evil jelly bean bush. XD


Some things just never change… *sigh*
I can never keep him away from those damned sprinklers.


Lysk is actually accomplishing something. You know, this took a lot longer than it should have, considering his vampirism. XD


Well, so much for our “secret” lair. Weast found it so I guess it’s no longer supernatural exclusive. XD
Weast: Uhhh… is this a bad time?


SHELLY WELLY. *glomps*
And he’s drinking pink milk. 😛


Weast is… kind of boring in her old age. Still senile, but boring.
Weast: I’m making toast for the blue leprechauns living in the dishwasher.
Of course you are. *pat pat*


After she fed her imaginary dish leprechauns, Weast went on a fairy hunt. She didn’t find any fairies, but she did bring home some fairy dust.
Weast: The leprechauns tipped them off.
Whatever you say. I’m sure it had nothing to do with you falling out of the tree and screaming for Tom Cruise to save you with his scientology voodoo and scaring them all away.


You know, I take a lot of shots of Cuddles in his lab coat. I dunno why.
Cuddles: I’m aiding the fangirls in providing them raw material for their sexual fantasies involving scientists.
Ya okay Cuddles. Whatever you say.


Bear: Love me!


Bear: Looooooove me!
It’s hard not to with a face like that. :S Look at those widdle puppy dog eyes. XD Couldn’t you just melt?

And on that note, let’s end this chapter. What kind of craziness will the Derpingtons find in Moonlight Falls? Will Weast ever catch a fairy, despite the dishwasher leprechauns plotting against her? Will Sheldon be just as cute growing up yes yes yes?

Hopefully you’ll all find out soon in the next chapter of Herping and Derping! Until next time everybody, stay safe and happy Simming!


About Reggie

I'm 23 years old, and an avid simmer and writer. I don't always have a lot of free time, as I'm currently out of school and trying to figure out what to do with my life, and I try to make time for my hobbies. I love science and science fiction, and one of my current projects is making junk journals. :)
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24 Responses to Chapter 2.11

  1. Whitneyism says:

    Lysk was wrong, I totally knew it was Eye of the Tiger. Of course, I was just talking about that song earlier, so maybe it’s because it was fresh in my mind or something.

  2. annies says:

    I laughed so hard throughout the chapter. Good one.
    Also, first Katy Perry. Now Harry Potter?!?! I know the Philosopher’s Stone is not supposed to having anything to do with HP, but I freaked out >_>

    • Reggie says:

      Hahaha, well, most Americans probably won’t get the thing with the philosopher’s stone, because the book was titled “The Sorcerer’s Stone” in the states. 😛
      Glad you liked the chapter though, I was trying to be a little more humorous, I’m glad it was. XD

      • annies says:

        Nah, I think they probably know the name of the book in British, there’s still arguments going on in the fandom about that >_>
        You’re always good at being funny, relax.

      • Reggie says:

        Lol, I was actually saying that from personal experience, it was only a few months ago that I found out that was the name of the British version… but that’s mainly because I wouldn’t call myself a Harry Potter fan, it’s just not a series that particularly interests me, although I’ve read a few of the books and I’ve seen all the movies at least once. XD

      • annies says:

        Ooh, I didn’t think you were a fan, we never talked about it and I talk about it all the time xD Sims 3 is killing me right now ;-; it may run on my computer but i won’t want it without cc.

      • Reggie says:

        It’s actually really not bad without CC. The first couple of chapters of this are CC-free, minus my mods and default replacements. :S Which yeah, like you I refuse to play without those. So that’s understandable.

        But honestly I would keep CC to a minimum or be religious about merging it because if you put too much CC in the game, it’ll lag, regardless of how good a computer you have. Mine will lag if I put too much stuff in there and my computer is a beast at gaming (designed for gaming, in fact… it’s just that TS3 is not well-designed for CC).

      • annies says:

        Oh man but I need hair. Lots and lots of different hairstyles. Do those take up too much space? There are so many EPs out already, I feel like I’m really missing out lol.

      • Reggie says:

        The hairs don’t take up too much space, but honestly the issue is less the space and more the number of files you have in-game. So I’ve got about 3.5 GB of CC in my game right now, but I only have about 50 files total; I’m merged A TON of CC, and there are still points where my game will lag (it’s better than it was though). Ideally, try to keep your number of package files <100, and the game should still run pretty smooth. Also, lower graphic settings will help a lot, but I'm too much of a graphics lover to turn my settings to anything but the highest. XD

      • annies says:

        Yeah, it’s a pretty game, why would I wanna make it less beautiful? I’ll probably have too xD Oh well, a long way to go before I can play TS3!

  3. Yay, update!! ^.^ SHELDON IS SO ADORABLE. Almost as adorable as Cuddles…we need more Cuddles spam! :L I can’t believe that the prettacy has got so pretty already *.*

    • Reggie says:

      Hahah, more Cuddles spam. 😛 Don’t I spam him enough already?!?! And if you need a fix, there’s always his personal page, which is up and functioning already. XD
      Sheldon gets cuter with age. He just aged up into an adult in my game last night and…
      Well, I guess you’ll see soon enough. XD

  4. cozpoz2802 says:

    How do you get the close up shots like that? And how do you get all those notifications about family members from different parts of town?

    • Reggie says:

      For close-up shots, I hit the tab button which puts me in camera man mode, and I just try to get as close as I can without the sims fading (although I think there is a mod out there that disables the fading…)
      I get the notifications about the family members with Twallan’s Story Progression mod (found here: But SP doesn’t just allow the pop-ups; it also takes over EA’s story progression and adds a lot to the game, so if you’re thinking about installing it, make sure you read the information available about it. 🙂

  5. Madcapp says:

    I like Patty’s stink-eye LoL

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