Generation 2 Heir Poll – Closed

Okay! We’re now moving on into Generation 2 territory, which means that it’s time for you to choose your heir!
NOTE: I’ve played ahead, so the oldest kids are adults in game. Spoiler alert for traits.

Also: Note that Dutchman does not appear as a ghost in this picture. SHE WILL APPEAR AS A GHOST IN GAME. She does not appear as a ghost here because when I saved her to the bin and aged her up in order to take pictures of her as an adult, her ghost state did not save with her!

Your choices are:

Penny Derpington


Photographer’s Eye; Loves the Outdoors; Snob; Animal Lover; Evil
LTW: Become World Renowned Surgeon
Mortality State: Sim

Chip Derpington

Absent-Minded; Loner; Athletic; Ambitious; No Sense of Humor
LTW: Become International Super Spy
Mortality State: Sim

Used Napkin Derpington

Heavy Sleeper; Disciplined; Equestrian; No Sense of Humor; ???
LTW: Become Creature-Robot Crossbreeder
Mortality State: Imaginary Friend

Dutchman Derpington

Eccentric; Friendly; Artistic; Mooch; ???
LTW: Illustrious Author
Mortality State: Ghost (Drowning) – Not Shown, Imaginary Friend

Goober Derpington

Genius; Rebellious; Artistic; ???; ???
LTW: ???
Mortality State: possibly imaginary friend


Okay! You’ve seen the Sims; now, it’s time to vote!

Okay, the poll is now closed. Thank you everyone for voting! 😀


About Reggie

I'm 23 years old, and an avid simmer and writer. I don't always have a lot of free time, as I'm currently out of school and trying to figure out what to do with my life, and I try to make time for my hobbies. I love science and science fiction, and one of my current projects is making junk journals. :)
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10 Responses to Generation 2 Heir Poll – Closed

  1. TheOxymoron says:

    It was so hard to choose!!

  2. GOOBER!!! She has the prettiest eye color! 😀 Yes I voted on the poll. And yes, it was hard to choose :l I’m surprised Penny still has no votes!

    • sim-oddity says:

      I gave Penny a vote just to make it more even. Plus, I really like Penny. 😛
      I think Goober is super pretty too! She’s the most adorable child ever!!!! If she doesn’t get the heirship, I’m tempted to keep her around anyway!

  3. missmiserie says:

    Dutchman. Because ghosts are BAWSE.

  4. Thindra says:

    Yay Dutchman Won! WHOOO!

  5. TheOxymoron says:

    Dutchman HAS to stay in the house…I COMMAND YOU!!
    Jk,It’s your choice,but just remember how freaking adorable she is when you’re deciding whether to keep her or not 😀

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