Chapter 1.0


Hello, and welcome back to Herping and Derping! My schedule has been a little off lately due to finals and the end of the semester, but hopefully you can forgive me since I come bearing gifts!


First, I present to you the gift of adult Leedle. The gift of a good laugh, if you’d rather put it that way.
Leedle: I know they love me, don’t hate.
They love to laugh at your big ears, that’s for sure.


Wumbo: Yeah! Woo! Leedle! Alright!


In all fairness, one lady was excited about Leedle’s birthday. But she’s married and his older sister, so he really shouldn’t let it go to his head.



It is interesting though how not-hideous he turned out to be. I mean, in a normal legacy where all Sims are gorgeous, he’d automatically get counted out of the heir position, but in this legacy…
Well, he’s downright Prince Charming in this legacy.


Pregnant Wumbo is hilarious. Mostly because she’s so heavy-set anyway, you really can’t tell she’s pregnant aside from the waddle.
I mean she could be faking it like Rasputia from Norbit. Nobody would ever know…


And let’s not forget to give some love to Weast, who I think is adorable and who looks very cute despite her large nose.


Stu the cockatoo is still kicking it.


And Pat is, as per usual, being his ridiculous self.


Remember Hesper? Well, she didn’t want to grow up with Leedle, so I bought her a cake, after I gave her a makeover that is.





She’s adorable. She has the most unique face I’ve seen on an IF, although my game has thrown some interesting looking ones my way.


D’awww, Hesper! I love you!
Hesper: If you loved me, you’d let me move out of this crazy house.
But if I did that, then I’d never get to see you again. 😦
Hesper’s stats are as follows: Hesper is a star quality vehicle enthusiast who happens to be friendly. She’s a bit grumpy though so it’s hard for her to make friends. She hangs out around cats instead because she’s a major cat person. One day she’d like to be a Star News Anchor. She loves Chinese music, crepes, and the color purple. She’s also a Cancer.

I never got through all of Pat’s stats the last time, I don’t think, so let’s talk a little bit about him right now.
Pat is a  workaholic. However, despite this, he is a major slob and doesn’t like his boss. He prefers to live on the wild side, and be rebellious. One of the ways he does is this by being a daredevil and riding horses, as many consider him to be an equestrian. He wants to live a life of excitement as a Master Acrobat. His favorite things are classical music, key lime pie, and the color orange.


And there’s the crazy man of the hour now, along with Wumbo, and Weast who decided to photobomb us just like Dexter used to do back in the day.


But let’s go back to Hesper because she’s so darn cute. I just want to lock her in my rom and keep her as a pet.
Creepy? Yes. But let’s be honest. She’s adorable.


Hesper gets the out of sorts moodlet because she’s got the grumpy trait. ❤ It makes her more adorable. 😀


Leedle begged me to give him some more face time since I was so focused on Hesper. He desperately needs attention from the readers to make him feel loved.
Leedle: I just missed the ladies, that’s all…
Leedle, you don’t need to worry about being lonely, I’ve got a plan for you.




Just some dog spam to get any residual Leedle out of your brain.


Leedle: Heheh, the focus is back on me!
Only because it would appear you exploded in confetti.


Leedle: Nah, that isn’t it. I’m graduating.
Great. Now the whole family gets to parade down to city hall…







And parade they did. Right into the middle of a riot.



Angry Townspeople: No more sea monsters in Legacy Island! The government is spending all of our tax money on frivolous things, like protecting endangered species and global warming! *boo hiss*
Herp: Hey, Dina, aren’t you the mayor…? Doesn’t that mean you’re the one who’s got control of the tax money? Are you really spending it on sea monsters?
Dina: Keep your heads down and keep moving.


Despite everything, Leedle did manage to graduate and became the Valedictorian for his class. Also, he got voted most likely to take over the world, which was a major boost for his ego.
Leedle: Bwahahahah!




Graduating isn’t that exciting, but okay…


After graduation I sent Leedle and Hesper out to Mick’s Master Karaoke to have some fun and celebrate.


They ran into this beautiful man there. *.*


Hey! I said you could have fun! But not that much fun!


Leedle: Relax, we were just taking pictures.
Well. This is awkward.


Leedle enjoyed his first legal drink at the place.
But basically the whole purpose of that was photobooth pictures.


Back home, in a fashion similar to Leedle, Herp was celebrating his birthday. This whole family seems to enjoy growing up in bathrooms.


Dat face. XD




Aww, Herp. You’re a cute elder. 🙂


Dina and Herp celebrate in their relatively new pool house.




These two are so adorable, I hope that they have a long time left.


Meanwhile, exciting things were happening in the main house. Wumbo went into labor.



Pat was nonchalant about the whole thing.


Leedle played with Stu, only to be distracted by Hesper’s feminine wiles.






Leedle: I realize what your plan is, Voice.
You do?
Leedle: Yeah. I like the plan.
Okay. I figured you would.


It’s a boy! They named him Goopy, after Goopy Gilscarbo in TS2. XD
I have no idea what his stats are. :S



Back at home, I was preparing Wumbo, Pat, and Goopy to move out. To do that, they needed money for a house, so I used Wumbo’s LTW points to purchase a genie lamp.


Pat: Put I was told never to trust a genie!



Genie: My name is Kyle Morrissey. I’m here to grant you three wishes.
Kyle Morrissey? That’s an epic name for a genie. XD


Pat: Hmmm, well, we just had a kid. I was going to wish to be the most beautiful Sim to ever exist, but I guess I need to wish for money because we’re going to need diapers.



Kyle’s a sassy genie.


Kyle: Alakazam!


Pat: Woah. I feel richer.
Kyle: Nothing’s happened yet. Wait for it…





Pat: Well, that was awesome.
Kyle: Yeah, I have heard that it tingles.


Leedle was tingling, but for other reasons and…
Oh, I should have gone there. I need to remove my foot from my mouth, brb. Or, maybe I need to remove my foot from my hands/keyboard? Maybe it’s the chocolate bar that melted over my arrow keys, yeah, that must be it…


Here’s more Hesper spam. She’s even cuter in her photobooth pics, which I didn’t think was possible. 0.0


Leedle and Hesper sitting in a tree….


Pat: Get a room!
You’re in their room…



I grew Goopy up since he won’t be staying in the house.


Weast considers birthdays to be srz bsns.


So does Pat, apparently.



First comes love…



Then comes woohoo…

And then comes Hesper with a brand new nooboo!
Leedle: Wait, what?!
This is a legacy, after all.
Leedle: Well that’s not going to work. This last transition I made, I rolled the dislikes children trait. 😉


Goopy: Derp.


Let’s just ignore the fact that Pat looks like he’s humping the toy oven here and appreciate the bond between mother and child.


And here’s Goopy all grown up. I just wanted to see what he’d look like, and now I know.


Pat: Well, bye you guys. It’s been real. We’re moving to a beach house.


Wumbo: *cracks one last derp face for the readers*


Pat: I know you ladies won’t be seeing anything as sexy as me for a long time, but fear not. I will be put up for download (whatever that means). Voice tells me that it means all you ladies will be able to make me into your sex toy. *flashes grin*
You don’t have to, I’d like to note. It’s optional. I told him that but he ignored me.


Wumbo: Well, Pat, off we go.
Herp: Heheh, look at that goober my daughter married.


Herp: Oh, wait, he’s taking my daughter away!!!! Boohiss.

And that concludes our first chapter of generation 1.
Will we be seeing more of Wumbo and Pat? Did Hesper and Leedle hear the lullaby? Will Leedle be able to cope with the fact that the responsibilities of heir involve raising children?

Answers to all of this and more in our next chapter of Herping and Derping! Stay tuned, and happy simming everybody!


About Reggie

I'm 23 years old, and an avid simmer and writer. I don't always have a lot of free time, as I'm currently out of school and trying to figure out what to do with my life, and I try to make time for my hobbies. I love science and science fiction, and one of my current projects is making junk journals. :)
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22 Responses to Chapter 1.0

  1. afantasticallystrangealphauglacy says:

    I love your legacy. Absolutely love it … I’ve been looking for a new one to read obsessively since Candi’s uglacy and prettacy from like…..three years ago. Anyway, I LURV DIS. I was at school and I saw an email alert you had posted a
    new chapter … Yes, I’m subscribedz. 😀 anywhoo, besides me wanting to fangirl about this legacy, I wanted to ask where you got Hesper’s hair? it’s ADORBZ.

    • sim-oddity says:

      Awwww, you’ve made me blush. Thank you so much for saying that. 🙂
      Hesper’s hair is an in-game hair, actually! I don’t have any CC in my game (as far as hair is concerned) except for store stuff, but I’m fairly certain that’s not a store hair. I’m not sure what pack it came from, but I want to say it’s from Showtime… I really like it though, I think it suits her. 🙂

  2. afantasticallystrangealphauglacy says:

    Hey! I don’t know if my previous post went through so I’m just gonna repost … Haha. Anyway, I wanted to post saying how much I absolutely am in love with your legacy. It’s phenomenal. I haven’t found one this good and interesting to read since Candi’s prettacies and uglacies from like … Three years ago, Hahaha 😀 but besides wanting to fangirl over your legacy I wanted to ask where you got Hesper’s hair? It soooo cute.

    • sim-oddity says:

      Heheh, no problem, I think what happened was that my blog has it set to not approve comments immediately if it’s somebody who has never commented before. XD So that’s why yours didn’t show up. I haven’t figured out how to change it just yet. 😉

  3. Noooo, Goopy has the jaw! D: But other than that he looks…middle eastern. X)
    Hesper is very pretty :3 wish my IFs came out like that, haha, they all end up generic. Can’t wait to see the babies :3 I hope they cant inherit jaws from grandparents o_o

    • sim-oddity says:

      Well, so far (I’ve played ahead a bit) so good as far as the jaws are concerned. I can’t even believe how lovely Hesper turned out.
      I haven’t seen much of Goopy in my game, but I’m hoping to upload him when he becomes an adult and maybe mess around with him in a different neighborhood, putting his side-story up here perhaps. XD I don’t know yet though. 😛

  4. tesstastic says:


    it’s funny, I just finished a book where the antagonist was named Hesper. Heh.



  5. tesstastic says:


    ..I’m not a stalker… I just scrolled down to the bottom of the page.. O.o

  6. Thindra says:

    What a nice surprise =D I wasn’t expecting another update from you until May. ❤
    *reads update and gets distracted from studying for my own exams*
    Dina and Herp are one of those adorable old couples that you just look at and go "awww, I hope I have someone like that when I'm older"
    Goopy definitely takes after his mother but has Pat's figure.

    • sim-oddity says:

      Yeah, I was frustrated with studying for my exams and since I’ve already played through about five chapters beyond where I’ve written, I went ahead and wrote one up. I’ve got another one coming out on my birthday, which I wrote in advance so it wouldn’t conflict with my exams/birthday. XD

      Goopy’s quite the character. I really am interested in plopping him down in some other neighborhood and tracking his exploits as some kind of side challenge. XD

  7. phoebe91 says:

    OMG I love Pat xD He belongs in my game xDD
    I love the update by the way! Leedle and Hesper and Dina and Herp totally belong together ❤
    Oh and poor Goopy. I hope he takes his looks and runs with it xD

  8. Madcapp says:

    Pat makes some awesome expressions! I love when a sim makes crazy expressions.

    I laughed when Leedle and Stu were explaining his missing school. Random CAWs make me giggle, always though.

    • sim-oddity says:

      Pat pulls some crazy faces from what I recall. The only other sim I can think of who is that expressive is Cuddles I think, another imaginary friend who appears in a later chapter. 😛

  9. Kyle says:


  10. Wow, Leedle’s tattoos are cool. And Hesper is so gorgeous!

    Haha, I see Wumbo/Herp’s jaw got passed down. Poor Goopy. Though it does look slightly better with the darker skintone.

    Can’t wait to see what Leedle and Hesper’s kids look like.

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