Chapter 0.7


Hello, and welcome back to Herping and Derping! Before we start, I’d like to thank all of you for reading. It means a lot to me that people enjoy my random blathering enough to keep coming back. 🙂

Next, I’d like to say that this is the last chapter of Generation 0!!! With the next chapter, we will officially be moving in to Generation 1, and Leedle will take over as heir.

Finally, I would like to say that it’s mid-April, which means that it’s not only my birthday soon (yay), but also, my semester is drawing to a close. This means that soon, I will have a lot more time to play Sims.
Unfortunately, it also means that for the next few weeks, I’ll be swamped with coursework and finals and probably won’t be able to get another chapter out until May. Hopefully, this’ll keep you sated until then.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s jump right back in!


When we last left off, Pat was becoming real! Let’s see how that’s going…


Heh. Well, he sure is interesting.
Pat: Hello people of earth. Now, you’ve got somebody else to ogle instead of Leedle.
I don’t know about that…


Pat: Or, you know, my beautiful friend Wumbo here could just ogle me.
Wumbo: *giggles*
There are two things wrong with that sentence. One, you called Wumbo beautiful. Two, nobody is going to ogle you.


Pat: Are you sure? I mean, look at this face. 😀


I gave Pat a makeover to make him seem more… bizarre. Plus, he’s probably the perfect Sim for that hairstyle.


Pat: Watch out, ladies, beautiful chocolate man walking.
Please don’t swoon, it’ll only encourage him.


Pat: *sings* Ahh, girl look at that body – I work out!
Pat, I ‘mustache’ you a question… where did you get such an epic shirt?
Pat: That’s the power of Showtime, baby.



Oh, and in case you were wondering, Stu is still kicking… although he irritates me quite a bit, flying around like that.


Heh, Cleo is lazy… she doesn’t even eat her food standing up. XD


Wumbo: *squeals in surprise* Pat! Get out of here… I haven’t gotten dressed yet!!!
Pat: Wumbo, I’ve been your imaginary friend your whole life. You and I both know I’ve followed you into the bathroom countless times. Plus, up until last night, I slept by your bed. There’s nothing I haven’t seen before. 😉


Wumbo: Well, even so…
Pat: Besides… there’s nothing wrong with a curvy lady like you showing some skin now and again…


Wumbo: Pat… I-I don’t know what to say-!
Pat: Don’t say anything, ‘Bo, it’s unnecessary.


Dat face. XD





Pat! Don’t take advantage of my Wumbo.
Pat: Relax, I’ve only been real for less than 24 hours, what could I possibly do?




Wumbo: No, don’t stop-


Pat: Sorry Bo, that’s enough of the Pat for right now. Don’t want to give you a heart attack from the excitement of it all.


Wumbo: *swoon*
Oh dear, now she’s smitten. :S


In different teenage angst news, Leedle decided to skip school and play with Stu instead. Herp was not pleased.


Leedle: But Dad, school’s dull. Besides, I’m not going to get a job, I’m just going to collect animals for the rest of my life. Help me out, Stu!


Stu: *feigns sleep*
Leedle: Bastard.


Herp: Leedle, that’s not good enough. How are you ever going to provide for your future family if you don’t have a job? You won’t have enough money for food, and you’ll have to cook that bird on your shoulder!
Stu: *perks up* CAW?!?!


Epic stare down of epicness.


Leedle: You don’t understand, you’re going senile, old man!


Herp: What was that?!?!
Leedle: Sorry, sorry! I’ll go to school! Geez it was just a joke!


Leedle: Sorry Stu, birds aren’t allowed at school.


Leedle: One day I’ll show these bastards… I’ll take over the world and there’ll be no school. One day.


He frightens me.


Herp: Damn you, bird, corrupting my son!


Herp: I am so tired of that boy, he gives me headaches! Headaches!

Let’s go check in with somebody else…


Oh, Butler! You’re still here?
Butler: Yeah, you were mistaken. I disappear in this chapter.
My mistake. Keep flipping those pancakes, while you’re here.


Herp is sent off to the park to play for tips. I’ve got to max that guitar skill before he dies.


Pat likes big butts and he cannot lie.


You other brothers can’t deny.


That when a girl walks in with a really ugly face


And a round thing in your… oh forget it.
Basically, all these two do is suck each others’ faces off.


Eat a little bit slower there, Weast! I know it’s key lime pie, but savor the flavor!


Oh I forgot to mention it last time: she rolled couch potato. She’s a lot like her old man!


Leedle: I’m watching you, old man…
He gave himself black tips in the midst of a teenage rebellion, but my game crashed so I didn’t save his hair like that. :-/



Later we went out looking for critters.


We grabbed a Spotted Sixam and netted a nice $1,000 for it.


Wumbo’s having her adult birthday!


Wumbo: Yeah, now I can woohoo!



Needless to say. I gave her a makeover afterwards.
Also, Leedle has no respect for bathroom privacy. Kind of like my senile grandmother.

Wumbo rolled the neat trait, which complements her neurotic trait oh-so-perfectly.


Pat: *derps*
Looks like he’s having a birthday, too.




NOPE. Makover.


And we’re back to where we were.


Pat: Hey baby, there’s a hot tub in the back yard with our names all over it.Screenshot-22


Wumbo: So, how will we-?


Pat: Don’t talk, you’ll ruin the moment. Let me handle everything.


Note the fist pump.



I guess they enjoyed themselves. 0.o


Herp: That beautiful chocolate man just deflowered my daughter, didn’t he?


I don’t speak bird, but I have a feeling some snide remark was made about Wumbo and Pat really getting to know each other.


Hesper finds all of the action quite electrifying.
I really don’t’ know what happened to her that made her do that. Maybe she’s broken?


Formal wear and graduation caps? Could it be?! Seems to be graduation day! No more boating school! Hurray!
Pat: We didn’t go to boating school. We’re graduating from high school.
Yes, well, since Spongebob’s been at boating school for the past ten years, seems closer to a shitty public education system to me.

Besides, I wouldn’t know much about high school. I pretty much skipped it and went straight to university.


Wumbo: *creepy unrendered face of DOOOOOM*
I need to try compressing my files. Hopefully it’ll speed up rendering.






Congradulations are in order.
Ouch, that was a bad pun.


Graduation isn’t the only exciting thing to happen today! Cleo celebrated her elder birthday!
Poor babies. 😦 They’ll be passing away soon. And then it’ll be Herp and Dina. D:


But speaking of babies…


I couldn’t resist the genetic experiment.


Pat: So, the Voice tells me we’re having a baby.
Wumbo: Oh my gosh, you watch it too? Man, Adam and Christina are being ridiculous this season!
Pat: Not that “The Voice”, Bo…


Wumbo: Even though you don’t watch my favorite show, will you marry me?


Pat: Sure, why not? It’s not like I’ve got anything better to do…



Wumbo: In that case, let’s do it like all the great legacy sims do and get married right here, in the bathroom!
Pat: Works for me.



And so began the briefest marriage in legacy history.


Wumbo’s so heavy set, you can’t really see her bump. :S Awkward. She could fake the whole thing and Pat wouldn’t be the wiser.


Speaking of babies, look who had a little pink haired one! It’s random dude! There’s hope that we’ll have his genes around yet!
I guess he got a kitty too, and took the family out to the park. D’awww.


Why are we at the park, though, might you ask? Well, it’s time for the second wedding of Dina and Herp, to once again reestablish my OTP, Derp!






I love these two. ❤


Back home, Leedle was working on his potential love life as well.


Hesper: Is this safe to drink?
Leedle: Don’t worry, my sister made it, not me. You won’t explode… probably.


Hesper: Wow, it feels like something just dropped into my lower intestine… smells like cherry.




Hesper is officially adorable.


Leedle: Still not as cute as me, though.


They rushed off to prom before I could even fiddle with Hesper’s appearance. Hey, Leedle! No fair! You don’t get two proms!


Weast, being the insane soul that she is, went to prom in her everyday wear. But she’s cute so I’ll forgive her.


Oh, and because it’s Dina’s birthday today, I gave her and Herp a birthday present: a pool house of their very own to move into. Because Leedle will be taking over the legacy very soon, he’s going to move into the upstairs bedroom, and Dina and Herp will be staying out here, away from all of the screaming children!


Dina: Woo! Pool house! I’m so excited that I decided to have my birthday right here in the middle of the door!


Dina: *excitement*




Awww, my lovelies are getting old. 😦


It’s not just Dina’s birthday, though… after Leedle got back from prom (after winning prom king for the second time), he had his birthday.


Leedle: But I’m not ready to have babies yet!

What will happen when Leedle takes over the legacy? Tune in next time (probably May, but I’ll see what I can do) to see, in Chapter 1.0 – The Nerve of that Guy and His Driving Eye Balls! Coming soon to a blog near you!

Until then, happy simming!


About Reggie

I'm 23 years old, and an avid simmer and writer. I don't always have a lot of free time, as I'm currently out of school and trying to figure out what to do with my life, and I try to make time for my hobbies. I love science and science fiction, and one of my current projects is making junk journals. :)
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16 Responses to Chapter 0.7

  1. Thindra says:

    Pat I am disappointed in you. All that anticipation for that. Lame. At least Hesper turned out as a cutie.
    It’s sad that Wumbo looks better unrendered then she does rendered. >.> Her kids should be interesting to say the least.
    Dina is an adorable elder ❤ I'm interested to know how Herp will turn out.

    • sim-oddity says:

      Awww. Pat isn’t too bad. XD Wumbo is quite frightening to look at, I tend to agree with you there, but I still love her. ❤
      And you're right, Dina is really cute as an elder. I've seen Herp as an elder (he grows up next chapter) and he's cute, too. 😀

      • Thindra says:

        I was actually surprised Pat turned out different looking, since the majority of IF’s seem to be “Face one”.
        Isn’t it fun to get attatched to little pixels.? ❤

      • sim-oddity says:

        Really? Most of my IFs turn out pretty unique. Maybe it’s just my game. XD
        I love my pixels. ❤

  2. tesstastic says:

    I would comment something about this chapter, but I’m too tired and sick right now and I feel like poo.
    Loved it as usual. :*

  3. :O I wanted to see Hesper’s face! Wahh!
    Pat is handsome, in a way. I’m surprised he came with a unique face.
    UPDATE SOON! I’m cool with waiting. I’ve got a crapload of work to do too >.<

    • sim-oddity says:

      Hesper is VERY pretty. I was surprised by her. She’s awesome. There will be lots of her next chapter! 😀
      Pat is hilarious to watch. I wish him and Wumbo stayed married longer, though (you’ll see what I’m talking about next chapter).
      I will update ASAP. I’ll try to write an update this weekend and schedule it so that it’ll come out while I’m busy. 😉

  4. Becki says:

    So I’ve just read through the whole of generation 0 – I love it! I’m not usually a huge fan of commentary-style, but you’re so entertaining, you totally pull it off! I loved Herp and his romance with Dina ~ hopefully the two of them are around for a while longer! I was surprised how good-looking Leedle turned out to be (especially in comparison to, say, Wumbo; although I find her fugliness quite endearing).

    I’ll be back for Gen 1 x

    • Reggie says:

      Lots of craziness happens in Gen 1. 😛 Prepare yourself. I kind of miss that point in the family sometimes… it’s crazy to think how much has changed since then (I’m already at the point in game where the Generation 3 kids are getting to be adults!)

      Thanks for reading, I’m glad you’re enjoying. I’m not sure what I’m doing that so many people are liking but I’ll try to keep doing it.

  5. Brandon says:

    where did you get that slick back hair from??

    • Reggie says:

      Hey Brandon! Could you be a little more specific for me? I haven’t played with the generation 1 and 2 sims in ages. I can tell you that I think that most of the hair that I used on these sims was from an ep or the store. I don’t think I had an excessive amount of cc at this point. Heh.

  6. lunasims04 says:

    So I’ve been reading Sims 3 Legacies in order to get inspiration because I want to do a Legacy as well and because I have an addiction to TS3. I just love Leedle’s big ears! xD For some reason, they suit him and he’s adorable. I’ve gotten some pretty unique IFs too. The most recent one I have turned out adorably chubby with purple and red hair named Drumstick after the ice cream treat because I was eating one of those when I got him, lol.

  7. usernamel says:

    Or grape… Blueberry?

  8. esander1 says:

    This one was too funny! (Sorry I am sooo late reading these, but I’m glad I found this fun series!) That’s too bad Wumbo and Pat’s marriage is short-lived, I’m already shipping those two 😉 Hesper is really cute! Pat’s not too bad self-described “Beautiful chocolate man”

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