Some Random Announcements, and Two Polls!

Hi all! Just a couple of things.

Firstly, I’ll be posting an heir poll for Generation 1 soon, now that all of the kids have been born. Look for that tomorrow or the next day. I’ll be putting one both here and on the Boolprop forums. WARNING: Polls will have spoilers (mainly, the kids as adults). You have been warned. 😉 Also, watch for updates to my Download a Derpington page. Herp is up for download from mediafire, and I plan on putting up the children and Dina very soon.

Secondly, how often do you want to see updates? Once a week? Twice a week? I will try to update as frequently as possible, which can be kind of hard due to the classes I’m taking this semester, but I want to try not to go too long between chapters.

Finally, I’m so glad that you’re enjoying Herping and Derping! I know I am! 😀


About Reggie

I'm 23 years old, and an avid simmer and writer. I don't always have a lot of free time, as I'm currently out of school and trying to figure out what to do with my life, and I try to make time for my hobbies. I love science and science fiction, and one of my current projects is making junk journals. :)
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3 Responses to Some Random Announcements, and Two Polls!

  1. I know I’ve already voted once, but I’m still going to comment, ASAP! I love your story! Don’t make me waaait!

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