Chapter 0.2


Welcome back to H&D! I know by now you’ve probably deserted me; it’s been over a month since my last update, and I apologize for that. School got pretty busy, and I’m right in the middle of the semester. Also, my game went a little bit wonky and I lost some progress, which pissed me off, so I didn’t want to open it.

But we’re back! Let’s see what our Derpingtons have been up to…


Well, they’d just had a baby, Wumbo Derpington! Wumbo rolled the excitable and neurotic traits, which should make for some interesting times. Her favorite color is Irish Green, and she likes Latin Music. Her favorite food is Goopy Carbonara, a girl after my own heart. Also, she’s a Scorpio.
And here we see the happy family riding home together in Dina’s spiffy limo.
Derpingtons: *Awkward silence*
Alrighty, then, it’s nice to see you guys after so long, too…


Sharply Dressed Limo Driver: ‘Sup?
At least he’ll speak to me…


And, of course, the required larva-baby-in-crib picture.
Wumbo: Must… check… and make sure the front door… is locked…
It starts! ‘0’


And, because this is a legacy, we waste no time on getting started with baby #2 (also, because one of them wanted a boy. I can’t remember which).
Herp and Dina: Woohoo!


No caption necessary here.


Dina: I don’t like this baby. It cries and smells bad.
EVP: Dina, the hard part hasn’t even started yet…


Herp: It’s your turn.
Dina: No, it’s definitely your turn.
Oh dear…


Herp: Woohoo! Why have you betrayed me?!


All grumbling aside, though, Herp really isn’t a bad father.
Herp: I love my little cocoon baby, yes I do, yes I do. Coochie choocie coo!
Wumbo: Must… pluck… unibrow…


Look who got an imaginary friend! ^This girl!


Just your typical day at the Derpingtons, eating leftovers outside around the fire pit.


Dina: I don’t feel so hot…


Dina: Blargh!
You know what that means!


Somebody had the want for a dryer, but not the washing machine…. *le sigh*
I ended up buying a washing machine later, though.


Okay, I may have changed things up a little to make it more easy for me. Dina so wasn’t going to get that Jack of All Trades LTW, so I bought the reward that allows her to change her LTW. Now Dina wants to reach the top of the politics career, so I got her a job at city hall.


Dina: And so, cheap ghost-shaped mirror, that’s why I want to be president of Sim-Nation.
Herp: *paints*
Wumbo: *eye twitch* Did they leave the stove on?!


Herp got invited to another party, and as much as I hate parties, since he wanted to go, I obliged him. At least the house is nice…


Herp chats up the host while – wait a minute, I’d know that lime green coat anywhere!


It’s Random Dude!
Random Dude: Hey there, EVP, haven’t seen you since last chapter. What’s up, bby?
EVP: Not much, Random Dude.
It’s too bad that townies age in The Sims 3. He’d be hilarious to marry in. Maybe one of his children?


Another familiar face appears! It’s Paparazzi!


Dina: So, look, I’m sorry about our fight back in Chapter 0.1. It was those pregnancy hormones… And you see, I need some friends so that I can bring my charisma skill up so I can get promoted… Maybe we could be friends?
I don’t know if he’s buying it…


Dina: Well damn.
Baby #2 is on the way!


Rex: Ice cream! Yay! πŸ˜€
Rex?! What are you doing here?! You don’t even live in Legacy Island!
Rex: Well, I’m enjoying my ice cream, Regina. By the way, how can you be standing over there and a disembodied voice at the same time?


Erm… never mind it. Just eat your freezer bunny ice cream pop and don’t question it.
Rex: Okay.

Yeah, don’t know what happened there. Apparently some pictures from my Simself family got mixed into my Derpington pictures. πŸ˜› We will now return to our regular programming.


Ice cream truck! You know what that means! I finally installed Pets! Mainly because my sister is the one who bought Pets, so I couldn’t play it unless I got a newer SP or EP… so when Master Suite Stuff came out, I jumped right on it.


Cat: Mreow?


Herp: Here kitty kitty kitty…
Cat: *Cowers in fear, then runs away*
Maybe he would do better with a dog?


Herp’s still painting. Got to get on with it if we want to complete that LTW!


Dina went out and made a commercial, netting us a nice $5,000 bonus. (Celebrity Opportunity, you know)


And then she went into labor.
And then my game crashed, and I lost my $5,000 because I was dumb and didn’t save.



But, despite everything, we still ultimately ended up with aΒ  little boy named Leedle Derpington!
Leedle: *wink*
Leedle was born with the athletic and loner traits. His favorite color is black, which makes me think we might have a little emo kid on our hands. Also, his favorite food is frogs legs, but he prefers Egyptian music to French. He’s a Libra.




My apologies, but for a while I’m going to flail wildly every time I see an animal.


Life continues for the Derpingtons…
Mortimer: What the actual fuck did you do to me?


Dina goes clubbing for celebrity points and is stalked by her buddy, Paparazzi…


And I continued to flail over animals.


Deer: I believe I can fly!
Holy shit it’s Rudolph!


Birthday time for Wumbo! Let’s see what the damage is…


Wumbo: Must… destroy… sparkles… They’re asymmetric!
It’s probably for the best if you guys just wait until she’s grown up to see what she looks like. I aged her up in CAS and WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN.


Wumbo: I wuv you, Wiggles.
I think his name is Wiggles, at least. :S I can’t remember, it was something weird like that.

(NOTE: I assigned gender to the doll and got the name Pat later.)

It’s the beginning of a beautiful romance! (Seriously, my Sims all have a bad habit of marrying their imaginary friends). It’s both romantic and creepy, when you think about it.


I think this is the only picture I have of Leedle as a baby. He’s just not very interesting. :-/
Herp: that’s okay, I love you anyway, my Leedle Leedle Leedle Lee.


Herp is still styling, as we already established. And his outfit becomes more and more horrific the higher up the ranks he goes.


Dina: Seriously, Paparazzi, you’re always here. Let’s be friends already.
Paparazzi: What’s this trash she’s spewing? I don’t want to be friends with her, I just want to take pictures of her while she’s exposed and vulnerable so that I can make money!


And I also made a purple polka dot nursery (Dina got that commercial opportunity again, and I SAVED IT THIS TIME DAMMIT).


Potty trained! Hot damn!


And another birthday! (I lied, I guess I had two pictures of Leedle as a baby, although in this one, you can’t even see that he’s a baby. He just looks like some weird, parasitic blue worm that’s hooked onto Dina’s chest).


Leedle: AAAAHHHH! Who yew?
EVP: I’m awesome.
Leedle: K Ausim. πŸ™‚


What does he look like like an adult? I have no idea. I honestly didn’t check, and after seeing Wumbo, I’m afraid to look. WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN.


Dina: Wumbo, you have to make lots of money and accumulate great wealth so you don’t end up in a tiny, unstylish shack like me.
Wumbo: …


I might watch out for Herp, Dina. He seems as though he’s not content in his marriage.
Dina: I’m not worried, EVP.


Okay, then, suit yourself…

And that’s all for this update! I’m planning on updating weekly (as in Sim-weeks), as I think that will help me establish firm stopping points. As such, I stopped this game on Sunday, and will play until the next Sunday for the next chapter (so we’ll get to see child-Wumbo, but probably not child-Leedle).

In our next chapter…. Will Herp kill off Dina? Will Wumbo overcome her neurosis? Will Leedle ever start to reveal to us his personality? Find out in Chapter 0.3 – Leedle Leedle Leedle Lee! Coming soon to a blog near you!

Sorry if there are any mistakes; I’m sick with a throat infection, but I wanted to get this out for my readers while it was still on my mind. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading, everybody, and happy Simming!


About Reggie

I'm 23 years old, and an avid simmer and writer. I don't always have a lot of free time, as I'm currently out of school and trying to figure out what to do with my life, and I try to make time for my hobbies. I love science and science fiction, and one of my current projects is making junk journals. :)
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35 Responses to Chapter 0.2

  1. Love this legacy! Although I am nervous now about what the kids are going to look like as adults…

  2. tesstastic says:


  3. tesstastic says:

    BAHAHAHA! LEEDLE! PERFECT NAME! Since you’ve done it so far, you should do a generation theme of the character for names. Like, both names this gen have been said by Patrick, next gen it could be things said by Sandy, or something… I dunno, just an idea. I FREAKING LOVE THIS LEGACY!

  4. D: aww I hope your throat gets better!
    Dear God. Wumbo has that acursid jaw. I WANTED TO SEE THE YA VERSION πŸ˜€
    At least Leedle was lucky and got most of Dina’s genes. Can’t wait for next chap πŸ˜›

    • sim-oddity says:

      Ahhh, thanks! It’s already feeling a bit better, I just hibernated for most of the day. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, Wumbo got a lot of features from her father… Heheh. There are actually some pictures of her buried on my Simblr, if you want to check it out (the link is in the side bar ;)).
      I guess we’ll have to see with Leedle! πŸ˜›

  5. TheOxymoron says:

    Leedle as a toddler is ugly,but at least he has that kick-butt shirt to keep him company.Like a sir.

    • sim-oddity says:

      Awww. Leedle isn’t too bad. I still don’t know what he looks like as an adult, though, so…. *shrug* I guess I’ll reserve my judgement until then.

      Thanks for reading!

  6. TheOxymoron says:

    Cool new profile pic,btw.


    • sim-oddity says:

      Ah, thank you. That is indeed my Simself, and my Sim-dog, Kiara, who is based off of my real dog Kiara. πŸ™‚

      • TheOxymoron says:

        I guess Leedle doesn’t look THAT bad.It’s probably the hair.I only have the base game and Pets expansion pack and no CC,so all my toddler hair sucks,too.I’m working on getting hair from xmsims,but it’s hard to download DX.

      • sim-oddity says:

        Well, I haven’t had much luck for toddler stuff from any of the expansions, except Generations, maybe. I haven’t had the chance to make him over yet, either. Otherwise, I would have tried to see what he’ll look like when he’s grow up. πŸ˜›

  7. TheOxymoron says:

    Not to spam you,but I’m DYING from a week with no H&D updates.I kbow you’re busy,and I’m not trying to pressure you or anything,but waiting SUCKS!!!!


    • sim-oddity says:

      Oh wow, I’m only just now getting a chance to play! I’m on spring break now, though, so I’ll try to get a lot of playing done and queue up some chapters so that I can have characters coming out even when I haven’t had time to play.

  8. Thindra says:

    LMAO! Omgs this blog is awesome XD
    i can’t wait to see what happens next

  9. Madcapp says:

    “Mortimer: What the actual fuck did you do to me?” -This made me LOL
    Herp’s thoughts of death and being single were frightening. O,o

    • sim-oddity says:

      It’s funny, I don’t even remember writing that, haha. XD I can’t believe this was published in February!
      Sometimes I have those thoughts. πŸ˜› Maybe they’re based on me? I’m sure anybody who has been single has had similar thoughts though. XD

  10. xpandacorn says:

    Oh my, this is precious. I stumbled upon your blog by clicking “Please read my legacy!1!1” type comments and then seeing your name in the comments and I am loving this.
    A good hour has been spent here, and for that I applaud you.

    • Reggie says:

      Well, I’m glad you’ve found the place, haha. XD And I’m glad you’ve been enjoying. I’ve been seeing the notifications popping up on my WordPress app all day. πŸ˜› Good thing I have my headphones today… I can’t mute it, so the only way I’m not beeping constantly is because my headphones are plugged in. Hahaha.

      • xpandacorn says:

        Haha lucky you πŸ˜‰
        Question, how do you change the icon next to the name of the site?
        Like for example you have that picture of Herp and it says:
        Chapter 0.2 | Herping and Derping: A Sims 3 Prettacy in the tabs, so how do you get that?
        Thanks c:

      • Reggie says:

        Dashboard -> Settings -> on the right-hand side, should be an option for blog/picture ion. That’s it. πŸ™‚

  11. Teresa says:

    I finally get it. Wumbo from Spongebob! “I wumbo, you wumbo! It’s first grade spongebob!” and Leedle! “Leedle leedle leedle lee!” OMG, YOUR A FRICKIN GENIUS!

  12. Amanda says:

    I know it’s been like years since this was published but I love the purple nursery pattern. >.< I have this legacy bookmarked and I'm building my own nursery in Sims 3 and I remembered your nursery. The pattern – I don't see it in my game, is it from a stuff pack? I only have Town Life stuff, and all expansions but ITF.

    • Reggie says:

      Hi! I still get emails, so I am aware when people make comments. No worries about that.
      That pattern is a piece of custom content that I downloaded from somewhere. I would check and see if I could find the file and where it came from, but that’s easier said than done with my game in the condition it’s in…. I haven’t been able to play for months, in all honesty.
      Anyways, you aren’t going crazy or anything, that’s a custom wall paper I believe.

  13. Leedle has huge big blue eyes! But the rest of his face ain’t so crash hot, even as a toddler. This prettacy is going to take a few generations to actually get, y’know, pretty. Which is good, if you get pretty first gen the rest would be boring.

  14. msmarvel98 says:

    I’m reading this with a throat infection right now πŸ˜‚ Loved this chapter, and Wumbo especially!

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